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Warriors coach Steve Kerr thinks Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant have found ‘comfort zone’ together

Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Warriors

The dynamic duo of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant has been dominant and a brooding nightmare for the rest of the NBA. Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr noted his All-Star duo is finally reaching a true “comfort zone” together after playing two seasons together.

“The continuity of being together now for a while, winning back-to-back titles together, I think there’s probably a better comfort zone, comfort area between the two of them than there’s ever been,” said Kerr said after the duo combined for 69 points in a 120-114 win over the Brooklyn Nets, according to ESPN’s Nick Friedell.

Curry and Durant traded highlight-reel games, as the former dropped a 51-point bomb on the Washington Wizards on Wednesday, only for Durant to follow it with a 25-point fourth quarter and a 41-point performance at Madison Square Garden to stun the New York Knicks.

On Sunday afternoon, the two put it together, as Curry’s 35 and Durant’s 34 helped the Warriors hold off the Brooklyn Nets.

“I think we’re just making shots,” Durant said. “I think we’re playing faster, the game is a little faster, so we’re getting out in transition a lot. Just making shots — it’s a long season, I’m sure we’re going to have games where we’re up and down with our shooting. I hope not, but I’m sure there’s going to be some games throughout the year, other guys are going to have to come and knock down some shots for us. I think we’re both just coming into the game trying to focus on how hard we can play on both ends, and our offense is starting to come around.”

Curry and Durant are both averaging over 30 points per game in this young season, and the two-time MVP was recently asked if it was possible to do so for an entire season, to which he said “why not?” as the duo looks for more challenges to take on during another long 82-game season.