Warriors news: Steve Kerr 'would love' to give Damian Jones a chance at starting center spot
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Steve Kerr ‘would love’ to give Damian Jones a chance at starting center spot


Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr says that a number of players on their team have a chance to compete for the staring center spot for the team this year. Fourth-year forward Kevon Looney, second-year forward Jordan Bell and third-year center Damian Jones will all get a fair shot.

“All three of them are very different, which we like. But we’re anxious to see DJ. He’s worked hard in Santa Cruz and he’s incredibly explosive and powerful. It’ll be fun to throw him out there with our four All-Stars and see what he can do,” said Kerr in an interview with The Mercury News.

Really, the Warriors have five All-Stars on their roster. Demarcus Cousins should easily claim the starting center spot for the Warriors once he’s healthy. Cousins is currently recovering from an Achilles injury that brought his last season to a premature end.

He opted to not return to the New Orleans Pelicans and signed a one year bargain deal worth $5.3 million with the Warriors. The rich got richer. 192 players will make more than $5.3 million next season. None of them averaged 25 points, 12.9 rebounds and 5.4 assists like Cousins did.

While other teams shied away because of the intensity of his injury, the Warriors are prioritizing him, making a full recovery before he returns to the court. After all, when you have four All-Stars, you have the flexibility to let the fifth take his time.

If it doesn’t work out, the Warriors can sit Cousins and send him on his way next season. But it if does, they will have an entire starting five that can grab the rebound and push the ball coast to coast to score from range or at the rim. If Cousins returns to his normal form, the Warriors may have the most talented starting five to ever grace a basketball court.

Until then, let’s see what kind of fun lineups they can put together while they wait for their newest star.