Despite efforts from all parties involved to try and deny the feud narrative, there has always been a lingering notion that the Golden State Warriors traded away Monta Ellis because of Stephen Curry. Jeremy Lin, who himself was part of the Dubs at that time, recently shed some light on the true relationship between Curry and Ellis.

Lin sounded off on the notion that Curry and Ellis butted heads. According to Lin, the rumors just weren't true:

“I love Monta, and he was amazing and him and Steph were really cool with each other, but the media kinda pit them against each other. Monta always treated all of us like super well, so it just sucks that the breakup was seen as that,” Lin said, via Alex Didion of NBC Sports.

After seven years with the Warriors, Monta Ellis saw himself shipped out to the Milwaukee Bucks in the middle of the 2011-12 season. At that time, he was Golden State's best player, which is why the trade was not received well by the fans.

Incidentally, this was right about the time Curry was on the verge of breaking out. There was a general belief that the Warriors front office pulled the trigger on the Ellis deal in order to give Steph the room he needed to grow.

Now that we have the benefit of hindsight, we can conclusively say that it was absolutely the right move to make for Golden State at that point in time. Thanks to Jeremy Lin's first-hand account, we can now probably put the feud narrative to rest, too.