Warriors news: Zaza Pachulia suggests hack-a-Klay Thompson tactic
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Pistons’ Zaza Pachulia hilariously suggests hack-a-Klay Thompson tactic on Warriors guard

zaza pachulia, klay thompson

Zaza Pachulia, a former member of the Golden State Warriors who now plays for the Detroit Pistons, offered an interesting new tactic to contain former teammate Klay Thompson.

Pachulia’s tweet came in after Klay Thompson missed another free throw in the Warriors’ game against the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday. It is easy to tell that Zaza Pachulia is joking — it’s a no-brainer. He did spend time with the Warriors where he won a championship. Only he knows what Klay Thompson’s real weaknesses are.

Based on statistics, shooting free throws isn’t exactly Thompson’s Achilles Heel. He is a career 85 percent shooter from the charity stripe. This season, he’s at 83 percent. The only time he shot below 80 percent was in his third season where he had a 79.5 percent clip from the free-throw line. So Thompson’s struggles just might be one of those nights. Sooner or later, he’ll get that rhythm back and drain every free throw.

But looking at it from a wider perspective, it has been a forgettable year for the 28-year-old so far. He may be known as the other half of the Splash Brothers but his shooting percentage from downtown spells otherwise. He has a 33.7 percent clip from beyond the arc — a career low and the first time he’s shot below 40 percent.