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Draymond Green recruiting big fish to Golden State from Team USA

Draymond Green, Warriors, Team USA

The Golden State Warriors have been tied to virtually every big name star on the market this offseason, and even the ones off of it. Trade rumors are one thing, but turning them into reality is a whole different ballgame.

That’s the angle Warriors star Draymond Green is reportedly working on during his stint with Team USA. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, in his latest episode of The Hoop Collective podcast, revealed that Green was getting some recruiting pitches in about the wonders of playing in Golden State.

Windhorst: “So I’m not sure we’re gonna get a star on the market.”

Spears: “But I’m gonna be at Golden State headquarters just in case.”

Windhorst: “Well. The rumor out of Team USA is that Draymond is doing work [laughter].”

Spears: “[Laughter] GM Green?”

Windhorst: “[Laughter] That’s all I’m gonna say. The team building going on — the team building is that Draymond is doing work.”

Draymond Green is the vocal leader of Team USA, but clearly the Warriors star still pledges allegiance to the Dubs. Taking advantage of the position just comes with the territory.

You better believe that Damian Lillard has heard a pitch or two about coming home to Oakland. Bradley Beal got the powerpoint presentation from Draymond too before he got sent home due to health and safety protocols. Both guys have been heavily tied to the Warriors in recent weeks, and Draymond Green definitely amplified the noise in Tokyo.

It’s hard for Warriors fans not to be optimistic for news like this. After all, trying to convince people to play alongside Stephen Curry probably isn’t a tough sell.