Warriors rumors: Jalen Rose claims there's tension between Kevin Durant, Golden State
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Rumor: Jalen Rose claims there’s tension between Kevin Durant, Warriors


Former NBA player Jalen Rose has chimed in on the recent narrative pertaining to Kevin Durant and his apparent discord with his former team, the Golden State Warriors. According to the former Most Improved Player of the Year winner, he truly believes that there is indeed some tension between Durant and the Dubs at this point.

“There is some tension there because he would have stayed,” Rose said on ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby show. “So anything that gets said after that, you don’t have to put a question mark. There’s a period. He left. Final. And why do you leave a team that you make three straight NBA Finals with, you’re the Finals MVP twice, you get injured the third year, and everybody knew he was leaving the entire time.”

Rose went on to reiterate that Durant’s primary motivation to have joined the Warriors some three years ago was to win the NBA title, and that the former back-to-back Finals MVP admitted on several occasions that he was never really able to adjust to life in Oakland.

“He always acknowledged that he didn’t feel like that he fit in,” he said. “He always felt like going going there was going to take away the championship conversation from a great player that had already won scoring titles, that had already won MVP’s. He wanted to eliminate that conversation from his critics. So once that happened, he can leave.”

Nonetheless, Rose closed by saying that despite the palpable tension between these two camps, there’s still an overwhelming mutual respect between Durant and the Warriors. The same can be said for the Golden State fanbase, who still have so much love for KD despite his decision to jump ship this summer.