Warriors rumors: Mark Stevens to release apologetic statement, donate to Kyle Lowry's foundation upon Game 3 incident
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Rumor: Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens to release apologetic statement, donate to Kyle Lowry’s foundation after Game 3 incident

Mark Stevens, Kyle Lowry

Mark Stevens, the Golden State Warriors minority owner responsible for shoving Kyle Lowry in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, will reportedly make a public apology and provide a sizable donation to the Lowry Love Foundation, according to Arash Madani of Rogers Sportsnet.

Stevens, who was identified earlier Thursday after his interaction with the Toronto Raptors guard went viral following the live broadcast, has yet to reach out to Lowry personally, who claims Stevens directed foul language at him while shoving him toward the court:

Lowry was quick to denounce Stevens’ actions, saying there is no place for fans coming in contact with players in such a manner during the game, nor offend them in the way which he did.

The Warriors released a statement soon after Stevens was identified, banning him for the rest of the NBA Finals and promising to further investigate the matter.

Earlier this season, two Utah Jazz fans were permanently banned after yelling racial slurs at Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder, but that becomes a lot tougher action to take when Stevens holds stake in the organization.

Golden State was swift in nature, getting ahead of this relatively quickly, yet there is a lot of pushback from NBA players and the NBPA in seeking a permanent ban for Stevens:

“We are closely monitoring both the Warriors’ and the League’s continued investigation into this matter and anxiously await their conclusions and response,” the NBPA said in a statement through executive director Michele Roberts. “The NBPA has previously expressed its support of a “zero-tolerance” policy with respect to verbal and/or physical assaults perpetrated against Players. Stevens’ status as a member of the ownership group does not alter that view.”

The NBA also made an announcement on the matter, stating Stevens is permanently banned from games as the investigation is ongoing.