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Warriors video: Stephen Curry participates in scrimmage with high school players

Stephen Curry

Last Monday, a select group of high school players had the privilege of sharing the hardwood with two-time NBA MVP, Stephen Curry during the yearly SC30 Select Camp in Walnut Creek, California.

Curry, of course, didn’t take the game that seriously but it was obvious how big the gap in talent was between the Golden State Warriors spitfire guard and the high schoolers, who are still probably gushing right now at the thought of rubbing elbows with a bonafide NBA superstar.

Curry has made a habit of embarrassing grown men in the NBA so him toying with these young players doesn’t come as a surprise. If anything, Quinerly and company at least have the memory of playing against one of the all-time greats to keep. From a different perspective, though, this could just be Curry’s way of recapturing some respect after failing in a recent golf tournament.