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Top Warriors Plays

Top 50 Plays Warriors history ranked

A rich and powerful history, plenty of memories were made by players in Golden State Warriors uniforms. Guys like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Rick Barry and Tim Hardaway all electrified the crowd with their superb scoring and playmaking ability.

This list is dedicated to the most impressive plays in the franchise’s long history. Sit back and relax, as we take a gander a the top Warriors plays in history, ranked from 50-1. 

50.)  (December 1, 2016) Patrick Beverley could not stop Steph’s fastbreak attack. Moreover, he could do nothing but watch Curry score on a fantastic reverse layup

49.) (May 10, 2013) Boris Diaw could not prevent Andrew Bogut from scoring on this rim-rattling dunk that echoed throughout the arena.

48.)  Chris Mullin’s sweet jumper came into display in this scoring play against the Sonics. Shawn Kemp was not able to stop Mullin’s left-handed fadeaway J that found its mark.

47.)  (April 2, 2019) Kevin Durant seemingly sent a message to the Nuggets with this fastbreak play ended with a thunderous dunk. KD was able to hit his bonus free throw to complete the three-point play and increase the Warriors lead to 14.

46.) (December 7, 2016) Klay Thompson recovered the offensive board and connected with a charging Draymond Green who slammed the ball home for the score. Dray went on to score 22 points in the Dubs’ 115-98 victory.


45.)  (May 30, 2019) Though the Warriors were beaten in 6 games by the Raptors to lose the 2019 NBA Finals, they did not lack impressive plays like this Klay Thompson slam against Marc Gasol.


44.)  (November 26, 2016) Kevin Durant brought his talent to the Bay Area and quickly impressed his new fanbase with this sick crossover move against Ricky Rubio. KD went on to score three more at the buzzer to increase the Warrior’s lead to eight.

43.)  (March 2, 2013) Down by one with 7.5 seconds remaining, Klay Thompson hit a clutch corner three that gave the Warriors the lead for good on their way towards an 87-83 win over the Kings.

42.)  Known for his left-handed shooting stance, Chris Mullin is known to deliver huge amounts of points for the Warriors’ high-powered offense during the late 80s and the early 90s. In this play Mullin hits a tough runner against fellow Hall-Of-Famer David Robinson for two points.

41.)  (April 27, 2014) Klay made Glen Davis simply shrugged of the Big Baby and made a poster with him courtesy of this rim-rattling dunk. There’s nothing the Clippers Center could do to stop Klay in meeting the rim.

40.)  (June 1, 2017) Kevin Durant was eager to prove that he is the missing piece to the puzzle in the Dubs’ mission of adding another title, and in Game 1 against the Cavs, he quickly went to work and wowed everyone with this superb fastbreak slam.

39.) (November 13, 2016) Devin Booker thought that he’d score two points easily, but failed to recognize that Kevin Durant is just behind him. KD was able to record the chase down block that led to a Stephen Curry three-pointer on the other side of the court.


38.)  (May 3, 2014) Chris Paul thought he’ll be able to score in the paint easily, but failed to notice that Draymond Green is waiting and ready to strike. Dray completely obliterated CP3’s shot and hindered the Clippers from scoring in that particular possession. 

37.)  (January 3, 2014) Iggy drained this huge shot just at the nick of time to give Dubs a huge win on the road against the Hawks. With Steph being double-teamed Iguodala took matters in his own hands and launched the game-winning trey.

36.) A decade before Stephen Curry began hitting a number of unbelievable shots, Tim hardaway sank this buzzer beater from ¾ of the court to score three points for the Dubs.

35.)  (January 06, 2017) Though they lost this showdown against the Grizzlies in OT, Stephen Curry was able to create a superb moment as he hit a three-pointer in transition and drew a foul to create a four-point play.

34.)  (April 19, 2017) Damian Lillard never saw Klay coming, he thought that he’ll end up with an easy two but his shot got whammed. Thompson was able to finish the fastbreak play that he created with a three-point bang.

33.)  Chris Mullin was one of the most lethal scorers in the NBA during the late 80s and the early 90s. This play is a testimony on his superb ability to find a way to score. After being fouled, Mullin still managed to hit the circus shot for two.


32.) (June 3, 2018) With the shot clock winding down, Stephen Curry was able to find a way to score by sinking this three from 28 feet at the buzzer. The Dubs’ increased their lead to 14 and went on to win Game 2 of the 2018 NBA Finals, 122-103.

31.) (January 10, 2014) Stephen Curry provided the knockout blow against the Celtics in a game that had play-off-level intensity. Curry’s clutch pull-up J enabled the Dubs to escape with a 99-97 win to achieve their 25th win of the season.

30.)  (November 24, 2018) Klay Thompson earned the right to flex his muscle against the Kings after hitting a follow-up shot that eventually became the game’s deciding bucket with 5 seconds to go. The Warriors were able to escape with a 117-116 win to improve to 14-7. 

29.) (May 23, 1975) Rick Barry did not just erupt for 38 points in the Dubs’ Game 3 win over the Bullets, but he was also able to deliver this incredible dish to Derrek Dickey who finished the play with a huge slam. 

28.) (May 22, 2007) Kevin Durant recorded a double block against a charging Dejounte Murray. Murray thought that he’ll finish with a slam in transition, but KD’s clutches are waiting to swat it out. Durant tipped the ball once again with his left hand as he was going down to finish with a strong defensive play.

27.) (March 8, 2015) Stephen Curry totally fooled Chris Paul in this scoring play. The Chef literally left CP3 in the air via a nasty crossover move as he went on to knock down the jumper.

26.) (June 7, 2015) Draymond Green recorded a king-sized block after denying LeBron James’ attempt to score the go-ahead layup for the Cavs. Though the Dubs would lose this one, Dray was able to prove that he’s one of the current defensive powerhouses in the league.

25.)  (December 2, 2014) Stephen Curry extended the Warriors’ sizzling win streak to 10 games by draining the game’s deciding bucket with 2.2 seconds left. Curry’s three-pointer helped the Dubs edge the Magic 99-97 to improve to a 15-2 record.

24.)  (June 13, 2019) Probably the gutsiest play in Dubs’ history, Klay Thompson went on to sink two free throws after he landed terribly on his left leg. It was later revealed that Klay suffered a torn ACL that forced him to miss the entire 2019-20 season.

23.) (November 11, 2014) Trailing by 1 with 2.0 second remaining against the Thunder, Andre Iguodala went to work and was able to shrug off Thabo Sefolosha’s defense on the inbound play. Iggy then connected with a jumper as time expired to give the Dubs 116-115 win.

22.)  (January 23, 2017) Sky’s the limit for Kevin Durant on this play as the Heat defense could not stop him from soaring and finishing with this masterpiece of a play. Durant rocked the ring hard to silence the Miami crowd

21.) (November 2, 2014) With 9 seconds remaining and  the game on the line, Klay Thompson delivered a picture perfect fadeaway to give the Warriors the lead for good en route to a 95-90 win over the Blazers.

20.) (May 2, 2017) Steph Curry showed no mercy to defensive powerhouse Rudy Gobert, “breaking his ankle” twice in this nifty crossover play which ended with a layup score.

19.) (March 4, 2014) Klay Thompson used an impressive spin move and was on target on his clutch jumper to give the Warriors a 98-96 lead with 1 second to go against the Pacers. They held on to earn their 37th victory of the season.

18.) (May 28, 2016) Stephen Curry iced this crucial game against the Thunder after hitting this bank shot that increased the Dubs’ lead to five with 14.3 seconds remaining. The Warriors would tie the series at 3-apiece and completed their comeback two days later at Oracle Arena


17.)  Tim Hardaway drove through traffic and scored this tough layup against the Suns’ suffocating defense. Hardaway wasn’t content with the bucket and went on to trash talk future hall-of-famer Charles Barkley afterwards.

16.) (April 28, 2013) Andrew Bogut powered his way towards the rim and finished off a superb scoring play with a huge slam. Bogut posterized future Warrior JaVale McGee in the process and seemed unintimidated by his presence in the paint.

15.)  (January 12, 2017)  Kevin Durant emerged victorious in this one-on-one battle against future MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, he used a nasty crossover move that got Giannis en route to scoring with a right-handed slam.

14.)  (March 18, 2016) Stephen Curry stole the ball away from Dirk Nowitzki and went on to sink a fastbreak three right before the first quarter ended. The Mavs thought they’d be the one to end the first with a score, but the Dubs have another idea.

13.) (March 16, 2016) Just a year after his dramatic go-ahead shot the Blazers, Klay returned to Portland and hit another game winner against their Western Conference rivals. This time he was able to give the Warriors a 113-112 win courtesy of a clutch three-pointer.

12.)  (February 1, 2017) Marvin Williams found himself over matched by Stephen Curry’s superb crossover skills and was knocked down on the ground. Curry then finished the play by sinking a wide-open trey.


11.) (December 6, 2016) On a December night game against the Pacers,  Klay Thompson ignited and was able to deliver the best scoring performance of his career as he finished with a mind-boggling total of 60 points to lead the Warriors to a 142-106 victory.

10.) (May 16, 2019) Andre Iguodala’s pesky defensive skills contributed to the Warriors’ strong run in the late 2010s. In this playoff game against the Blazers, Iggy prevented Damian Lillard from tying the game in its final seconds after snatching the ball away from his hands to preserve the three-point win.

9.)  (April 1, 2014) Another instance of Stephen Curry saving the day for the Dubs. With the game tied at 120-apiece, Curry drained the clock and waited for the final ticks before launching this clutch trey which eventually turned out to be the game’s deciding bucket.

8.) (March 8, 2015) Stephen Curry was able to escape traffic and found enough space to connect with this superb three. Chef Curry got creative and used his handles to skillfully evade the Clippers’ defense and finished it with a beyond-the-arc bucket.

7.)  (January 16, 2017) Don’t allow Kevin Durant to break free or you’ll pay for it. In a regular season game against the Cavs, KD was able to outrace his defenders and finished with a thunderous slam that was heard all over the Oracle Arena.

6.) (June 6, 2018) Up by only three-points with less than a minute to go, Kevin Durant disabled the Cavs’ chances of mounting a comeback with this dagger three. The Warriors would go on to win, 110-102, and swept the Cavs two days later to earn their third title in four years.

5.)  (January 23, 2015) The 23rd of January, 2015 is a day to remember for Warriors fans as history was made. A smoking hot Klay Thompson delivered a masterpiece of a performance by scoring a mind-boggling total of 37 points against the Kings in the third quarter.

4.) (November 11, 2015) Stephen Curry seemingly just threw the ball in the air, but still found its mark with a little help from the backboard. Curry’s wild circus shot proved that he’s an expert in hitting near-impossible shots like these.

3.)  (April 23, 2015) Stephen Curry missed his first attempt of tying the game with six seconds left, but the ball thankfully landed in the hands of Mareese Speights who then tossed it back to him.Chef Curry capitalized on his second chance opportunity and knocked it down this time to force OT. The Warriors went on to win 123-119 and gained a 3-0 series lead against the Pelicans.

2.) (June 7, 2017) The Warriors trailed for the majority of the fourth quarter in Game 3, but Kevin Durant erupted just in time to save the Warriors. KD’s three gave the Dubs a 114-113 lead with 45 seconds remaining and never looked back from that point on. The Dubs went on to take a 3-0 lead and clinched the title in five games.

1.) No doubt that this is Stephen Curry’s most iconic bucket to date. With the game tied at 118-apiece Curry launched a 32-foot three that gave the Warriors a huge win against the Thunder. The road victory lifted the Dubs to a 53-5 record en route to finishing the 2015-16 season with 73 Ws.