Warriors news: JaVale McGee speaks out on what's surprising about Nick Young's Draymond Green diss track
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Video: JaVale McGee confident Nick Young will eventually release Draymond Green diss track

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For Golden State Warriors star JaVale McGee, basketball isn’t his only hobby. After forming a reputation for being a knucklehead on the court, McGee transformed into a wonderful role player for the Warriors. He was an instrumental part of the team capturing the 2017 NBA Championship, providing a much-needed addition to the Warriors’ frontcourt.

Amazingly, McGee has balanced his time on the court with some of his hip-hop talents. On Friday night, the Warriors took on the Hawks on the road and McGee got a chance to hit up the studio with his teammate Andre Iguodala.

In addition to that, McGee revealed a special project that his other teammate Nick Young is working on, which happens to be a Draymond Green diss track.

That’s definitely interesting. It’s not commonly known if Green has a rap game, but McGee is confident that Young will come through on his promise to diss Green in his latest song. The hilarious part is that McGee may be right.

On Friday, McGee joined Atlanta rapper Big K.R.I.T in the studio and recorded a few of his own songs. According to Mark Medina of Mercury News, McGee maintained that Young’s diss track is surprisingly good.

“It almost got leaked,” McGee said. “We stopped the leak. He had it. He had 400 bars. “Like it’s never going to come out? Nah,” McGee said, smiling. “It might be low key. The anticipation is what it’s really about. “We have a bunch of stuff coming out,” McGee said. “Real, real smooth.”

Hopefully, Young lives up to his promise of releasing that Green diss track. Obviously, many people are now dying to hear it from the one and only Swaggy P.