Tuesday night's matchup of the Golden State Warriors vs the Houston Rockets did not disappoint.

The two Western Conference powerhouses slugged it out from the very beginning with high energy. There were plenty of fireworks, starting with the Warriors scoring barrages in the 1st quarter and some unlikely players giving fans more than what they expected.

Nick Young scored 23 points going 8-of-9 from the field and 6-of-7 from beyond the arc in 22 minutes.
Eric Gordon also gave his team a boost attacking the rim as he struggled from beyond the arc but scored 21 points through the first three quarters on 8-of-14 shooting.

All of the usual players were also in mid-season form, Klay Thompson hitting from all over the court, Kevin Durant giving the Rockets defense one-legged step back jumpers but the difference was on the defensive end.

On one play, Kevin Durant took Rockets center Clint Capela on as he charged toward the rim for a thunderous tomahawk dunk only for Durant to meet him at the rim and stuff it out of bounds.

Between these two teams, you can always expect high-scoring performances no matter what night they play, but the biggest separation of talent always boils down to who has the most chemistry on defense and which team is committed to playing both sides of the ball for the full 48 minutes.

The Warriors are already showing that they are not backing down on offense, but their identity also comes with just as many defensive stops to get shot opportunities.

However, the defending champs failed to end up victorious on this one, 121-122.