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Video: Warriors’ Kevin Durant destroys Kings’ Marvin Bagley III with poster slam

Kevin Durant, Marvin Bagley III

Highlights (often of the posterization variety) are like death and taxes with Kevin Durant: It almost seems like a foregone conclusion whenever the Golden State Warriors are playing. Also inevitable: That you will get dunked on when you go for a block once the “Durantula” slashes to the cup and zeroes in towards you. Rookie Marvin Bagley III of the upstart Sacramento Kings learned that the hard way as he tried to meet the Warriors forward up top.

Needless to say, it was murder.

This was just one of KD’s SportsCenter-worthy moments against the 6-foot-11 athlete. Earlier in the night, Durant effortlessly stripped the ball off the taller Bagley’s hands while attempting to post him up — just one of his six blocks in the first half!

The Bay Area hopes that this isn’t the last season they will see the lanky Durant perform these string of amazing plays while wearing the familiar yellow threads. The 12-year swingman is expected to test the free agent market during the summer and is heavily rumored to be Big Apple-bound in the New York Knicks to team up with current Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving, forming another iteration of a super team ready to do some damage in the LeBron James-less East.

It doesn’t help that an earlier fracas with teammate Draymond Green hurt the Warriors’ chances in retaining the crown jewel of their two-time defending champion roster.

For now, let’s just sit back and enjoy a sure-fire Hall of Famer putting up these sick tapestries.