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Video: Warriors’ Klay Thompson gets distracted mid-interview by the Curry jersey swap

Klay Thompson, Warriors

Klay Thompson finally broke out of his slump and made four 3-pointers, erupting for a team-high 32 points on 12-of-21 shooting to lead the Golden State Warriors to a 115-105 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers. Thompson, who was named best player of the game, was interviewed after the game to give some thoughts on the Warriors’ huge win on the road.

Midway through his interview, Thompson noticed Stephen Curry and Seth Curry share a special moment on the court. The two brothers, who were matched up against each other at some points during the game, swapped jerseys following the hard-fought contest. Thompson couldn’t help but get distracted and comment on the show of love from the Curry brothers:

Chalk this one up for another Classic Klay moment. Despite his star power, Thompson does not have an ego, and it shows right here. Aside from this one, though, Klay had another meme-worthy moment in this game when he said “I miss you” to his hand after he converted on his fourth 3-pointer on the night.

Thompson has had a season-long struggle with his shot so far, shooting a career-low 34.2 percent on 3-pointers. Moreover, in his past six games prior to this eruption, Thompson shot just 34.2 percent from the field and 19.4 percent from deep, and averaged just 12.3 points over that span.

Despite his major slump, we just knew that an explosion from Klay Thompson was just right around the corner. In fact, we already saw this from his this season. After struggling with his shot to start the season, the 28-year old guard eventually went nuts and made a record-setting 14 triples in a 52-point explosion against the Chicago Bulls.