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Watch the new Total War Warhammer 3 Gameplay Trailer here

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We’ve been aching to see more Total War Warhammer gameplay footage. Thankfully, Creative Assembly’s got us covered. Check out the new ‘Trial by Fire’ gameplay trailer below.

Total War Warhammer 3 Trial by Fire Gameplay Trailer

The latest trailer for Total War Warhammer 3 ‘Trial by Fire’ shows great in-game footage, showing us how the game will look like when it releases. Sadly, it doesn’t show actual gameplay, just in-engine machinimas having humans and demons fighting each other. It pits two new playable factions, both of which have never actually been playable on tabletop Warhammer. The Slav-inspired Kislev of the North, human frontliners go against the great horde of demons of Khrone in the trailer. If you want to know which one between an armored giant bear and a giant demon will win in a fight, then this trailer is for you.

Redditors have earlier leaked the Trial by Fire, along with other gameplay stills that have gone the rounds in Total War communities. The gameplay still from last week featured the Ice Queen in a defensive siege against the demons, which seems to be the scenario depicted in the new trailer. Warhammer 3‘s Trial by Fire also featured the Ice Queen, albeit just for a short while.

Survival Battles Gameplay Reveal Event

Creative Assembly then uploaded a video to showcase the new ‘Survival Battle’ that will arrive in Total War Warhammer 3. This depicts the same battle as seen in gameplay footage leaks from earlier last week. The gameplay reveal event allowed content creators to show off the game, just like YouTuber Turin. These content creators went through the gameplay demo to show off the epic battle between Kislev and Krone. They also showcased the new building defenses feature of the defensive siege level. The gameplay reveal increases the hype for the upcoming game, which really looks amazing and much more polished than ever.

Total War Warhammer 3 will be the most ambitious out of all of Creative Assembly’s games so far. It will have a free downloadable campaign map post-release that will feature the entire maps combined from all three games. Imagine the longevity of a campaign like that – we can barely finish a single session of the original game. The second one’s combined map was also massive enough already. Imagine adding a third continent up north.

If excitement still hasn’t gotten hold of you, then don’t worry. More gameplay trailers will be coming soon. If you want more Warhammer 3 news, check out our summary on everything we know about Total War Warhammer 3 so far.