Golf is known as a gentlemen's game. The announcers speak quietly, the players dress nice, and there is literally a golf clap. However, Viktor Hovland made a shot on Friday at the Open Championship that made everyone forget about golf etiquette for moment.

Hovland's ball was lying in the deep rough at St. Andrews. Many golfers may prefer to play it safe and get back on the fairway. But Viktor Hovland had completely different intentions. On the 2nd shot of a Par 4, Hovland sent his ball flying towards the green. Simply hitting the green would have been impressive given his lie and distance to the hole. But the ball hit the green and rolled right into the cup for an Eagle.

The crowd erupted and Hovland flashed a big smile and celebrated.

Viktor Hovland was already seven under on the day. But this magical shot moved him to 9 under at the Open Championship.

Most of the storylines had revolved around Tiger Woods potentially playing St. Andrews for the Final time. Woods received a standing ovation after finishing his Friday round and missing the cut. He later dropped a truth bomb on his future at the event.

Tiger Woods' possible final Open Championship is a sad storyline. But Viktor Hovland's Eagle picked up the mood and saved the day.

Hovland sits in third place as of this story's publication. There is still plenty of golf left to be played this weekend. But Hovland is certainly in the running. He will try to use his shot from Stephen Curry range as motivation for the remainder of the Open Championship.