League of Legends Patch 13.15 adds Soul Fighter skins for Evelynn, Gwen, Jhin, Shaco, and Viego.

Soul Fighter Wave 2

“Their souls awaken by trial: one fought on a battlefield or in the very trenches of the mind. Each is granted unique abilities reflective of their nature and the power to conjure forth the very essence of their spirit. Some hone their strength, temper it with training… Others will use it only as a weapon to destroy. They are… SOUL FIGHTERS!”

Soul Fighter Viego – 1820 RP

“The gracious—if needlessly reclusive—host of the Tournament of Souls welcomes all to his arena! Look at him now, eyeing the competition from his throne room high above the ring! Doesn't his solitude just make ya sad, folks? Here's hoping he hops down from that tower and turns that sorrow into UNBRIDLED RAGE! Viiiiieeeeeeegoooooo!”

Soul Fighter Viego is a Legendary Skin, meaning he has unique voiceovers and interactions.

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Soul Fighter Evelynn – 1350 RP

“Most awaken their souls through hard work, but this fighter… no! All it took was a stop by the Department for the Eradication of Manifested Anomalies and boom! Cobra powers. SURE, apparently the procedure involves the “worst pain one can possibly imagine.” But look at her now! Here to hunt down a daughter with nowhere left to run… it's Evelynn!”

Soul Fighter Gwen – 1350 RP

“She went to the ends of the world… and beyond… to save her friend! And according to the bracket that I'm looking at with my very eyes, she's going to have to fight him to win this tournament! OOF! I swear, this isn't scripted folks. It's LIVE TV! A girl with friendship in her heart and magical scissors that raise the dead in her hands: Gwen!”

Soul Fighter Jhin – 1350 RP

“Don't ask him how, but this twisted mentor can unlock ANY person's soul power under the right conditions! Just be prepared, because his trials are deadly! He's ready to put his art on full display on the world's biggest stage and maybe even get some revenge on a bounty hunter along the way! Let's give it up for… Jhin!”

Soul Fighter Shaco – 1350 RP

“I know very little about this fighter… and I've been told by our host to say EVEN LESS! (They've GOT to be friends… or mortal enemies?) His desires are hidden—just like his face—and his style in the ring remains to be seen! We just LOVE a mysterious and not-at-all creepy combatant, don't we, folks? Here he is… Shaaaaaaaacoooooo!”

Prestige Soul Fighter Shaco

“Shaco is never predictable; his unique (and often terrifying) looks make him a hit with judges year after year. Now adorned in gold and ivory lace, Shaco claims to be making a statement about fast fashion and the constraints it puts on designers and models. Or maybe he just wants an excuse to show off his soul-power arms.”