Rumors ran rampant surrounding the upcoming Resident Evil 2 animated Netflix adaptation. Capcom seems to be hard at work getting one of its most beloved franchises to screens both big and small. Sony Pictures officially declared the end of the production of an upcoming Resident Evil live-action film back in December 2020. There’s just absolutely no shortage of exciting content for future Resident Evil fans and players to enjoy. Now, RE film director Johannes Roberts, in an interview, talked more about the upcoming adaptation. The new movie clearly departed from the initial set of film adaptations but that’s not the only distinction. The upcoming film will be titled Welcome to Raccoon City.


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Roberts clarified that the movie will adapt scenes and storylines from the first two major games in the franchise. Subsequently, players and fans will get a chance to revisit both the Spencer Mansion and the RE 2 police station. Naturally, the film includes the four major protagonists of the first two games. Additionally, Roberts points towards the experience of playing the RE 2 Remake as a significant motivator behind the project.

“From that moment on I think we all knew where we were going with this movie because it was such a wonderful cinematic experience, with the tone, constant dark rain, that sort of aspect of the game. I just took that—that’s the world I want to work in. We very much took the tone of the remake of the second game and made that the template for this movie.”

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Currently, players are looking forward to the release of the next major game of the franchise. Resident Evil: Village launches officially on May 7, 2021 far ahead of any film or series adaptations. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon premieres sometime in September. Hopefully, there will not be any hindrances to the production aiming for a 2021 release.