Zendaya is speaking out about some of the romantic scenes in television and film that find her character kissing another. At the same time, most people view it as any other exchange of normal behavior between two characters that like one another, some fans have a weird obsession with the Emmy-winning actress' kissing scenes.

“I know it’s very odd,” she told “Jake’s Takes” about how the media has put a spotlight on her kissing scenes. “I have no idea [why]. I don’t know if it’s because they want it to be a viral thing, but I have noticed that — with me, specifically. I feel like other actors don’t — if there was somebody else here, you probably wouldn’t ask that question. But yeah, it is a part of my job and it’s a completely normal part of the job, despite maybe other people’s perception of our job. But yeah, it is odd.”

“Thank you for bringing that up because I was thinking the same thing. This is weird,” she added.

Zendaya Talks About Intimate Scenes With Timothée Chalamet

Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya with kissy emojis

“It's weird as hell, 'cause we're so close, platonically,” Chalamet said per Entertainment Tonight. “In the scope of the movie, it's totally what is happening, but I also feel like we are so tight now that it really is just like another day at work.”

“I don't know what that says about the nature of our jobs,” he jokingly added, “but it's just another day of work.”

It's definitely strange,” Zendaya said. “I think both of us are just like, ‘All right. This is our job. OK, we're going to do this.'”

Zendaya added: “In this specific love story, I think we're so grateful to have Denis at the helm of this very special thing. He always found a way to somehow — amongst all of the epicness that is the Dune universe — find a way to carve out a very sentimental, beautiful love story that is, I feel, in many respects, earned.”

“You see, throughout the film, the moments between them. The things that are unsaid,” she said of the characters' relationship in the film. “The glances between characters — there's so much said just with looks. I think it happens with all the characters, and specifically Paul and Chani.”

“I think we've built a lot just within brief glances, with whatever they're holding inside,” the actress added. “[It may be] a brief moment between us, but so much can be said.”

Zendaya's latest film The Challengers will be out on April 26.