The first domino has fallen for the Chicago White Sox. After rumors of a trade circulated, the team finally traded right-hander Lucas Giolito to the Los Angeles Angels. With the team's performance this season, a trade of one of their best stars wasn't exactly surprising. While trading the star was a “mildly emotional” affair, GM Rick Hahn said that it “had to take place”, sharing some insight on their potential next moves, per NBC Sports.

“Hahn said his conversation with Giolito about the trade was “mildly emotional” while speaking with reporters following Wednesday's loss to the Cubs, alluding to where the White Sox are in the standings leading to the trade. “These types of moves have to take place, given where we're at, and putting us in the best position that we can be going forward,” Hahn said.”

Other White Sox are currently on the trade block ahead of the August 1 deadline. The most notable player still available is fellow pitcher Lance Lynn. While they're in the midst of a losing season, Chicago isn't going on a full rebuild: ace Dylan Cease remains untouchable in trade talks.

Still, their decision to trade Giolito shows that the White Sox are all but waving the white flag for the season. Giolito was a serviceable at worst arm for them in the rotation, sporting a 3.79 ERA for the season. Had the White Sox decided to keep the righty, they would be able to win a couple more games.

At 41-62, though, there's really no reason for the White Sox to try and net a couple more meaningless wins. They are much better off punting this season and trying to get more young talent to develop instead of wasting away their stars.