There seems to be a disagreement about how to fund a new stadium for the Chicago White Sox. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is not supportive of spending tax payer money to fund a new ballpark for the team.

“The idea of taking taxpayers dollars and subsidizing the building of a stadium … does not seem like [it] should have higher priority,” Pritzker said, per the Chicago Tribune. “These are private businesses.”

Pritzker's comments push back on the wishes of White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf. Reinsdorf is prepared to ask for $1 billion in public funds to build a new stadium for the team, per NBC Sports Chicago. The team wants to build a new stadium near the South Loop in the Windy City.

The owner and the governor haven't met to discuss the details of the project, per NBC. Team officials reportedly have discussed the project with state political officials. The team hopes to use a hotel occupancy fee to help raise funds, as well as sales taxes accrued from business in the area. Reinsdorf and the White Sox hope that with a stadium, will come other cultural amenities in the area. This would include hotels, parks and restaurants. The White Sox hope this plan will help spur the state of Illinois to chip in money to help, per NBC.

It appears the two sides are not close to an agreement. The Chicago Bears are also looking for funds for a stadium, and it appears parties may have to compromise in order to get things done.

The White Sox are trying to rebuild from a deeply disappointing 2023 season, that saw the team go 61-101. The team is playing Spring Training games, with Chicago set to take on the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday.