Most fights that involve Major League Baseball teams include a lot of pushing, shoving, cursing and posturing. Fights that actually involve punches being thrown and connecting are very rare. That's why the Saturday night fight between Jose Ramirez of the Cleveland Guardians and Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox is not likely to be forgotten any time soon — especially by Anderson.

In the fight, Ramirez slid into second base after hitting a double to right field in the sixth inning. As the play ended, Anderson straddled Ramirez and seemed to linger in the position for a few extra seconds. Ramirez didn't like it and wagged a finger in Anderson's face. That led to the two players squaring off and fighting.

Anderson appeared to throw the first couple of punches in the fight, but Ramirez connected with a right hand that sent Anderson to the ground. The fight escalated after that, with both teams charging the field from their respective dugouts and bullpens.

The perception is that Anderson lost the fight, and he responded with a tweet that has since been deleted. In it, Anderson implied that his beef with Ramirez is not over and that they would see each other again.

Both Anderson and Ramirez were thrown out of the game after the fight, as were Chicago manager Pedro Grifol and Cleveland manager Terry Francona.

Anderson did not play when the two teams met again Sunday, but Grifol said that was because the Chicago shortstop had a scheduled day off and for no other reason.

Both players are likely to face suspensions as a result of the altercation, and that may prevent Tim Anderson from engaging in another fight with Ramirez.