Trace Cyrus, the older brother of pop sensation Miley Cyrus, recently took to Instagram to share his thoughts on his past relationships. In a lengthy and somewhat unusual Instagram Story post, the 34-year-old musician claimed that many of his ex-girlfriends are worse off without him in their lives, according to PageSix.

“I genuinely feel bad for any girl I’ve been with that has to live with the regret of losing me,” Trace wrote in his Instagram post.

He went on to suggest that some of his former girlfriends, dating back over a decade, are trying to get back together with him. Trace implied that these women are currently in new relationships but have had to “settle” for something less desirable.

“No girl that lost me has had their life improve by me no longer being a part of it. ❤️” Trace concluded in his post.

After receiving some mixed reactions to his initial post, Trace followed up with another message, stating that he knew his words might not be fully understood because people often fail to take the time to comprehend his perspective. He insisted that his intentions were pure and meant to spread knowledge and positivity.

Trace Cyrus has had high-profile relationships in the past, including a seven-year relationship with actress Brenda Song. Additionally, he dated Demi Lovato over a decade ago. These past relationships have made him a recognizable figure in the entertainment world.

While Trace's Instagram posts may have sparked a variety of reactions, they certainly got people talking about his unique perspective on past relationships.