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Aaron Rodgers

Why the Packers should not even consider trading Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers are without question in an offseason that could make or break the future of their franchise. Aaron Rodgers and the franchise have had a ton of drama this offseason, with reports going as far as to say that the Denver Broncos were as close to finalizing a trade for the reigning MVP.

However, Rodgers is still a member of the Packers and Green Bay has been adamant that they are not going to move him.

Over the last week, reports have come out about the Packers working hard to smooth things over with their superstar quarterback. They even have reportedly offered him a massive new contract. If that report is indeed true, they would be committing to Rodgers for the foreseeable future, which would put the status of Jordan Love in doubt.

Despite all of the drama, the Packers seem comfortable calling Rodgers’ bluff and keeping him on the roster. Rodgers has yet to come out and speak publicly about the situation, but it has been said that he has considered retirement or sitting out the 2021 season if the relationship isn’t fixed. If that is the case, Green Bay is making the right call by calling his bluff.

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Last season with the Packers, Rodgers put together arguably the best season of his career. He completed 70.7 percent of his pass attempts for 4,299 yards, 48 touchdowns, and five interceptions. Rodgers also picked up 149 yards and three touchdowns on the ground.

All of that being said, let’s take a closer look at the situation and whether or not the Packers are making the right choice to keep Rodgers on the roster.

Why The Packers Should Not Even Consider Trading Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers may be acting like a bit of a diva, but the Packers can’t wash their hands completely of the situation. They did trade up to draft Jordan Love, which was the start of this entire problem. However, that doesn’t mean that Rodgers should try to bully his way out of town and force Green Bay to move on from him while he’s playing the best football of his career.

So, without further delay, the Packers should not consider trading Rodgers for a few different reasons.

First and foremost, trading him now would hurt the Packers’ chances to win a Super Bowl. No one would expect them to win one with a second-year quarterback who has never played in real game action. However, Green Bay doesn’t know how he would play if given the chance and they have an excellent team around him. Trading Rodgers elsewhere could mean running into him in the playoffs.

Secondly, the Packers cannot set the precedent that they can be bullied into making major decisions. Trading Rodgers and giving him exactly what he wants simply because he’s unhappy about the franchise drafting a quarterback is a dangerous road to travel down. Playing hardball and forcing Rodgers to either play and get over the petty drama or retire would be the right move.

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Thirdly, it is clear that Green Bay is just one step away from the Super Bowl. In back-to-back seasons, they have made the NFC Championship Game and lost. If they can keep Rodgers and fix things with him at some point, they will be right back in the championship hunt.

Finally, the Packers know that Love is simply not ready to play quite yet. They also still view Rodgers as their quarterback for the foreseeable future. If that truly is the case, they need to stick to their guns and prove that they aren’t just ready to ditch their superstar quarterback because of some drama.

Expect to continue hearing rumors and reports come out about the Packers’ situation with Rodgers. It is definitely not positive press, but no one in Green Bay should be freaking out. This is a situation that will work itself out, but the team absolutely should not panic and trade Aaron Rodgers.