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Tom Brady, Raiders

Why signing Tom Brady would be a huge mistake for the Raiders

Not long ago, I wrote about Tom Brady potentially signing with the Las Vegas Raiders (I keep calling them the Oakland Raiders, that’s going to take some getting used to).

In that article, I highlighted three reasons why Tom Brady would make the Raiders legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

However, now I’m back to talk about the opposite end of the spectrum. There is also reason to believe signing the future Hall of Famer could be an issue.

Here is why signing Tom Brady would be a huge mistake for the Raiders.

The Raiders could very well gain a lot from signing Brady. A veteran quarterback that knows how to win is never a bad thing.

There’s a serious problem with this idea though. Tom Brady has maybe two years at most left in him.

Are the Raiders close enough to contention for that? Would Tom Brady really make them that much better?

I talked about experience and veteran leadership before. But his stats weren’t even as good as Derek Carr’s were in 2019.

Carr had a much higher completion percentage (70.4% compared to 60.8% by Brady). Brady did have three more touchdown passes and four more yards, but neither of those are big differences (the yards are especially close).

So will Tom Brady really bump them up that much?

I do believe the things Tom Brady does outside of the stats will stick out. He could help make the Raiders a more complete team and fight their way to the playoffs.

He’s not the piece that will put them in the Super Bowl though. So what exactly will this do?

It will put the Raiders in a rough spot.

Tom Brady will not allow them to rebuild. He will be stalling that which they need to do.

Now, you could argue that Las Vegas doesn’t totally need to rebuild. They were decent in 2019, going 7-9 and losing a number of close games.

With that in mind, a few more pieces could get them to the playoffs. And with the move to Las Vegas, the belief is that they could lure in some bigger names in free agency.

So maybe the Raiders could jump right to Super Bowl contention. This isn’t some crazy move though. They were in California, it’s not like they were in the middle of no-man’s land that was going to keep players away from the team.

What Tom Brady does is keep them from finding a new quarterback. They could still draft someone, but if they’re signing Brady, clearly it’s all-in on 2020. That means they wouldn’t want to spend an early pick on a quarterback, they’ll want immediate help at positions of need.

So when Brady leaves, the Raiders are back to square-one at quarterback.

Let’s be honest with this situation. Brady gets them to the playoffs, but not a Super Bowl win.

That means the Raiders don’t have a great draft pick, without the Super Bowl to show for it. All this does it make it harder for Las Vegas to get their next franchise quarterback, without a Lombardi Trophy to ease the pain.

Brady will undoubtedly make the Raiders better. But he might not make them better enough. It won’t be worth it if they don’t win it all.