The Philadelphia Eagles are only a couple of years removed from winning the Super Bowl but after Sunday's loss to the Miami Dolphins they have clearly hit rock bottom and there is one way the team can turn it around for the future, fire Doug Pederson.

Pederson helped lead the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots, but looking back on that victory, are we sure that wasn't more credit to the assistant coaches?

Current Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich was the offensive coordinator for the 2017 season and had complete control over the offense. Since he left the offense hasn't been the same and a lot of that blame goes to Pederson.

This season there is no doubt the Eagles have been banged up this season, but being banged up doesn't have anything to do with effort, and after the Eagles loss to the Dolphins, Pederson admitted that the Dolphins wanted it more than the Eagles did.

“That's why I'm disappointed in that. They wanted this a little more than we did and they made the plays and we didn't,” Pederson said, also crediting the Miami staff for how well coached the Dolphins were via ESPN.

The team looked undisciplined committing stupid penalties and dropping easy catches, something that has been an issue all year and falls back on the coach.

“Having watched [the tape] again this morning, it's not who we are, it's not who I am as a coach, it's not how we teach things,” he said. “It starts with me and I have to fix things this week heading into the Giants game.”

Pederson not only doesn't have his team ready to play, he clearly isn't coming up with gameplans that are working, especially on offense.

As the season has gone on, rookie running back Miles Sanders has continued to improve and against the Dolphins he rushed 17 times for 83 yards. He is proving he is someone they can count on, but Pederson refuses to use a balanced attack. Against the Dolphins the Eagles attempted 46 passes while only running the ball 19 times.

That might make sense if the team was down big or if the Eagles had no running game, but neither of those things is true.

It's clear at this point that the Eagles locker room needs a new voice, and that means the team needs to fire Doug Pederson after this season ends or even before if they continue to lose games.