Riot announced that League of Legends will be getting Wild Rift skins, including Star Guardian Seraphine and Redeemed Xayah and Rakan.

Wild Rift skins to League

In a new /dev diary video that featured Andrei “Riot Meddler” van Roon, Head of League Studios, and Jeremy “Riot Brightmoon” Lee, Executive Producer for League of Legends, they confirmed that Wild Rift skins will be ported over to League of Legends PC.

Riot Meddler said that the Wild Rift skin porting will begin with the highly-requested skins from the community: Star Guardian Seraphine and Redeemed Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan. He also offered some of the technical factors and circumstances for this process, saying “[Wild Rift and League PC] are pretty different under the hood, so we don't yet have a complete handle on exactly what will be needed to do.” There is no existing timeline for this, but Riot Meddler said that the community will be kept in the loop.

Apart from skins, splash arts for outdated, already-existing ones will also be updated. This will be done with either their Wild Rift counterpart or brand-new ones that were inspired by the Wild Rift splash. This will begin with Rugged Garen in the near future and will be “a gradual process.”




Lee Sin and Teemo ASU

Given the recent Ahri ASU (Art and Sustainability Update), the Rioters disclosed that more champions will be receiving these updates. “We're investing more in ASUs. We've done Caitlyn and we've done Ahri, and we're trying to get faster at it,” said Riot Brightmoon. He also provided a preview of the two on-going ASUs – Lee Sin and Teemo.

Riot Meddler offered more context on these ASUs in the corresponding Reddit thread, saying that “We're still figuring out the timeline [for Lee Sin's and Teemo's ASUs] as mentioned, we should have an update with a rough estimate at least to share soonish.” Given the plethora of skins each of these champion has, Riot Meddler said to not expect it too soon. “It'll definitely be a while though… there are huge skin catalogs there and we're just starting the work on them both at present.”