Actor and comedian Will Ferrell has a choice for president, and it appears to be actress Kerry Washington.

The push to have her run for office was disclosed at the annual Women in Entertainment gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Will Ferrell urges Kerry Washington to run for president

During a speech, Ferrell mentioned Kerry and also how women should run the entire planet.

“This is such a wonderful event where we honor and support and continue to fight for women in all facets of the entertainment world,” the comedian said. “Forget about the entertainment world, isn't it just time? Isn't it just time for women to run the planet?”

His response generated an enthusiastic applause.

“I'm not just trying to placate you, I swear, but I don't know what else to do because we — men — we've been running the show since, what, 10,000 B.C., and we're not doing so good. So, please, can you guys just take over?” he added.

As for addressing Washington, he urged her to take her talents to the highest level.

“Kerry, you've always been amazing in everything you've ever done and an incredible advocate for so many different things. Can you just run for president? Please?” he asked. “Please? We'll pay you. We'll do a GoFundMe right in this room, and we'll launch you.”

Ferrill also nodded to his friend and producing partner, Jessica Elbaum.

“She started out as my very first assistant and later she pitched me the idea of a production company that would focus on female storytelling while supporting women writers, directors and actors to which I said, ‘Yeah I guess so. Yeah, I could do that, I don't know. Yeah,” he stated.

Whether Will Ferrell encouraging Kerry Washington to run for president worked or not, time will tell.