Here is our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide on how to beat Lu Bu. This guide will include his attack patterns, drops, and more.

How To Beat Lu Bu – Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide

Players will face Lu Bu in the mission “The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass”. This boss is a required boss and must be defeated to proceed in the game.

Lu Bu Attack Patterns

Here are the attack patterns of Lu Bu

  • Strike
    • Lu Bu strikes the ground using his halberd.
    • Players can dodge this attack. They can also parry it.
  • Stab
    • Lu Bu stabs his halberd directly in front of him.
    • Players can dodge this attack by staying away from Lu Bu’s front. They can also parry it.
  • Swing
    • Lu Bu swings his halberd from side to side, hitting those beside him.
    • Players must dodge out of the halberd’s way. The player can also run away as Lu Bu charges his attack. The player can also try to parry this attack.
  • Spin
    • Lu Bu spins around in a circle, dealing damage to those near him.
    • This attack’s range is a bit shorter. As such players can easily dodge it or step away to not get hit. Players can also try to parry it.
  • Swing Combo
    • Lu Bu does a series of attacks using his halberd.
    • The player can dodge this attack by keeping their distance from Lu Bu. They can also dodge their way behind him to avoid this attack. The player can try to parry this attack as well.
  • Jump Attack
    • Lu Bu jumps into the air on his horse, dealing damage upon landing. If Lu Bu is on fire when he does this attack, the landing will be a larger AOE that can inflict burn.
    • Players can dodge this attack, as well as run away from it. They can either run toward where Lu Bu jumped from or just run away from the landing area.
  • Charge Attack
    • Lu Bu will charge forward in a line.
    • Players can dodge this attack by moving to the side. The player can also try to parry this attack.
  • Advancing Melee Combo
    • Lu Bu does one of his halberd attacks while slowly moving forward.
    • Players can avoid this attack by avoiding the path Lu Bu is going towards.
  • Fan Arrow Shot
    • Lu Bu shoots multiple arrows in a fan shape.
    • Players can dodge toward Lu Bu to avoid the arrows. Alternatively, the player can also run away from Lu Bu so that the arrows become far apart and easier to dodge.
  • Flower Arrow Shot
    • Lu Bu will fire arrows around him, after which the arrows will return to Lu Bu for him to shoot as a single, strong shot.
    • Players can dodge this attack by moving beside Lu Bu as he carries this attack out.

Parrying attacks, especially the Fatal Strikes, will decrease your enemy’s Spirit Gauge significantly. As such, it is ideal for you to parry as much as possible, then damage them heavily with your Fatal Strike once it is available.

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Lu Bu’s attack patterns are a combination of simple and advanced mechanics. Players will have to channel everything they learned when fighting Lu Bu. His attacks may seem simple, but they hit hard and fast. Not only that, but it’s even harder to fight him while he is on his trusty horse, as his mobility will be higher than yours. Thankfully, he fights on foot after you hit his horse a few times, so it should make the fight easier. However, it does not make it trivial. Players will still have to pay attention to Lu Bu’s attack patterns if they want to take him down.

Lu Bu Drops

These are the drops that you can get after defeating Lu Bu

  • Random pieces from the Flying General set
    • Flying General Mask
    • Flying General Armor
    • Flying General Gauntlets
    • Flying General Greaves
  • Sky-Piercing Halberd

That’s all for our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Boss Guide on how to beat Lu Bu.  The game is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and PC. For more gaming news from us, you can check out our gaming news articles.