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VIDEO: Logan Paul KO’d by much-deserved Stone Cold Stunner from Kevin Owens in WrestleMania 37

Logan Paul, WrestleMania 37, Kevin Owens

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul made an appearance at WrestleMania 37 Night Two to watch the match between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. After the bout concluded, Paul entered the ring as he was Zayn’s guest of honor.

However, for all of his troubles, he received a Stone Cold Stunner from Owens.

Peep the clip below to see how things developed. Paul offered a handshake to Owens, which irritated Zayn since the vlogger is his guest of honor in WrestleMania 37. In a strange turn of events, Paul pushed Zayn to the mat—a sign that he has now switched sides to Owens.

Owens initially looked to accept Paul’s support, but he proved to be a master of deception as he delivered one of the most popular signature moves in professional wrestling to the visitor.

Logan Paul getting stunned made the fans’ night. While Paul has amassed tons of fans for his crazy antics, he has also garnered tons of haters. The boos were pretty apparent on screen in WrestleMania 37. On social media, Paul got a dose of the hate, too.

Paul is well aware of his haters. And he won’t let them get the last word on him. Via Twitter, Paul acknowledged that while he was wrecked in the ring by Owens, it was not as horrible as what his brother did to Nate Robinson.