Danjin is one of the playable characters available with the launch of Wuthering Waves. If you want to know what they do, you're in luck. Here are Danjin's kit, skills, leveling materials, and more.

Wuthering Waves – Danjin

“Wherever I go, I swear to vanquish evil, whether it's out in the daylight or hiding in the dark.”

“A ranger straightforward in nature, with a strong sense of moral judgment. She travels the lands refining her knowledge in an endeavour to seek the true meaning of good and evil. Though perils lurk in every corner of her journey, she vowes to cleanse the world of villainy.”

Danjin is an SR (4-star) Havoc who wields a Sword. She is playable in Wuthering Waves starting with the launch of Version 1.0 on May 22, 2024.

Who Are Danjin's Voice Actors?

Danjin is voiced by Sophie Colquhoun, Okasaki Miho, Yi Kou Jing, and Lee Hyunjin in the English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions of the game respectively.

Danjin Upgrade Materials

The characters of Wuthering Waves require a variety of materials to upgrade them. This includes drops from monsters, as well as items that can be found in the overworld.

Danjin Ascension Materials

She will require the following materials to reach max ascension:

  • 4x Crude Ring
  • 12x Basic Ring
  • 12x Improved Ring
  • 4x Tailored Ring
  • 46x Strife Tacet Core
  • 60x Belle Poppy
  • 170,000 Shell Credits

Danjin Skill Materials

To upgrade her skills to max, they will require the following materials:

  • 25x Crude Ring
  • 28x Basic Ring
  • 40x Improved Ring
  • 57x Tailored Ring
  • 25x Inert Metallic Drip
  • 28x Reactive Metallic Drip
  • 55x Polarized Metallic Drip
  • 67x Heterized Metallic Drip
  • 26x Unwarranted Feather
  • 20,300,000 Shell Credits

Danjin Kit

Basic Attack – Danjin performs up to 3 consecutive attacks, dealing Havoc DMG.

Heavy Attack – Danjin combines her Forte with the blade in her hand and consumes Stamina to launch consecutive attacks, dealing Havoc DMG.

Strategic Parry – Danjin attacks the target, dealing Havoc DMG.

Mid-Air Attack – Consumes Stamina to perform a mid-air Plunging Attack, dealing Havoc DMG.

Dodge Counter – Use Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to launch an attack, dealing Havoc DMG.

Dodge Counter: Ruby Shades – After a successful Dodge Counter, Danjin can use the Resonance Skill Crimson Fragment to cast the Resonance Skill Crimson Erosion.

Resonance Skill: Crimson Fragment – When casting Incinerating Will, each attack consumes 3% of Danjin's max HP. When Danjin's HP is less than 1%, this no longer consumes HP.

Carmine Gleam – Danjin attacks the target, dealing Havoc DMG.

Crimson Erosion – After Basic Attack II, Dodge Counter or Intro Skill Vindication, use Resonance Skill to perform up to 2 consecutive strikes, dealing Havoc DMG. When Crimson Erosion II hits a target, apply Incinerating Will to it.

Incinerating Will – Danjin's damage dealt to targets marked with Incinerating Will is increased by 20%.

Sanguine Pulse – Use Resonance Skill after Basic Attack III to perform up to 3 consecutive attacks, dealing Havoc DMG.

Resonance Liberation: Crimson Bloom – Danjin's anger intensifies as she frantically swings her dual blades, performing multiple rapid consecutive attacks, and 1 Scarlet Burst attack(s), dealing Havoc DMG.

Forte Circuit : Serene Vigil

  • Heavy Attack: Chaoscleave – After accumulating 60 “Ruby Blossom”, long press Basic Attack to consume all “Ruby Blossom” to cast Chaoscleave, dealing Havoc DMG, considered as Heavy Attack damage, and restoring HP to Danjin. If current “Ruby Blossom” exceeds 120, this consumes 120 “Ruby Blossom” to increase the damage multiplier of Chaoscleave and Scatterbloom performed this time.
  • Heavy Attack: Scatterbloom – Use Basic Attack after Heavy Attack Chaoscleave to launch Shatter to attack the target, dealing Havoc DMG, considered as Heavy Attack damage.
  • Ruby Blossom – Danjin obtains “Ruby Blossom” when using Resonance Skill Crimson Fragment.

Intro Skill: Vindiction – With unwavering determination, Danjin unleashes a strike, dealing Havoc DMG.

Outro Skill: Duality – The next character (or other characters on a nearby team that activates an Outro Skill) gains 23% Havoc DMG Deepen for 14 seconds or until the Character is switched.

Passive Skill: Crimson Light – The damage of the Resonance Skill Crimson Erosion triggered by Dodge Counter: Ruby Shades is increased by 20%. The HP cost and stacks of “Ruby Blossom” recovered are doubled.

Passive Skill: Overflow – After casting the Resonance Skill Sanguine Pulse, Danjin's Heavy Attack damage is increased by 30% for 5s.

Minor Fortes:

  • Havoc DMG +12%
  • ATK% +15.2%

Danjin Resonance Chains

Crimson Heart of Justice –When Danjin attacks a target with Resonance Skill's Incinerating Will, her ATK is increased by 5% for 6s, stacking up to 6 times. Danjin loses 1 stacks of this effect each time she takes damage.

Dusted Mirror – When Danjin attacks a target with Resonance Skill's Incinerating Will, her damage dealt is increased by 20%.

Fleeting Blossom – Resonance Liberation DMG Bonus is increased by 30%.

Solitary Carnation – When Danjin has more than 60 Ruby Blossom, her Crit. Rate is increased by 15%. This effect lasts until the end of Heavy Attack: Scatterbloom even after all “Ruby Blossom” is consumed when casting Heavy Attack: Chaoscleave.

Reigning Blade- Danjin's Havoc DMG Bonus is increased by 15%, and further increased by another 15% when her HP is lower than 60%.

Blodied Jade – Heavy Attack Chaoscleave increases the ATK of all team members by 20% for 20s.

That's everything you need to know about Danjin's kit in Wuthering Waves. Wuthering Waves is available on Google Play, the Apple App Store, and PC via the Epic Games Store and its official PC client.

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