This year's WWE 2K23 MyRISE game mode will feature two storylines, each with its completely different origin story for your Create-A-Wrestler.

Unlike WWE 2K22, WWE 2K23 will be having two available storylines for players to choose from and play through. This, theoretically speaking, doubles the amount of replayability for the game mode, although we still aren't sure how long each campaign will be and how different the two story paths will be. If the two would end up converging at some point in their storylines, then there wouldn't be much change in essence aside from the starting point of the stories. One interesting point to note, though, is that Visual Concepts promised more intrigue and politicking that players could get into while playing through MyRISE this year.

The two available storylines in WWE 2K23 MyRISE will be:

Legacy – This WWE 2K23 MyRISE story path will have the player start a career as a next-generational wrestler, off to prove themselves that they're more than just the child of a great wrestler. Exclusive for Women Wrestlers.

The Lock  This WWE 2K23 MyRISE story path will have the player enter WWE as a top prospect as a top-tier athlete, having to deal with the pressure of high expectations as he enters the company onboard a hype train with him in front. Exclusive for Men Wrestlers.

These two new storylines will be available exclusively between genders.

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Also new to this year's version of WWE 2K23 MyRISE will allow players to directly import their Create-A-Wrestler character, which was a highly-requested feature that only got added to a WWE 2K game now. There is more to this year's Creation Suite compared to before, and you can find more about the changes for this year's Creation Suite – from wrestlers to arenas and entrances – in our Creation Suite article here.

One thing that Visual Concepts has to avoid this year, though, is their proclivity to lock some versions of wrestlers in MyRISE and MyFACTION – a limitation that was heavily criticized last year.