Becky Lynch, one of the most important women in wrestling, especially in the WWE, finally gets her WWE 2K24 ratings reveal treatment, but Big Time Becks isn't so happy with her new rating.

Becky Lynch has a high OVR rating in this new game, but she isn't taking anything but perfection. She says that anything short of 100 is wrong, and not getting that will already result in the Irish Lasskicker getting mad. But apart from not being rated 100, her rating even regressed from what she's had in the past two years.

Becky Lynch has a WWE 2K24 OVR rating of only 92, four steps down from her 96 OVR rating in WWE 2K23 and equal to her WWE 2K22 score. Becky's disappointment can be heard in the footage of the reveal video, with the superstar seemingly tearing up some papers before walking out of the interview room, leaving Greg Miller to pick up the pieces.

Becky Lynch remains one of WWE's top women wrestlers, but it's been some time since she held the gold. Her run in 2023 has been overshadowed by the likes of Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley, the latter being rated 96 OVR in this game. Becky's climb back to the top has been an arduous one, and her failure to claim the win at the Royal Rumble threatens her appearance at this year's WrestleMania.

Now, the road has a hurdle for her to overcome in Perth, Australia, as she's one of the competitors getting into the Elimination Chamber for a shot at the gold Rhea Ripley holds. But will she be able to overcome the adversity, or will her Road to WrestleMania XL going to be permanently shelved?

Becky Lynch's husband Seth “Freakin'” Rollins is confirmed to be part of the WWE 2K24 Roster, with him being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion heading into the game, but his rating hasn't been revealed yet, although Greg Miller hinted that his rating might be higher than Becky's. When the rating comes out, we'll be sure to report it here on ClutchPoints Gaming.