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49ers tight end George Kittle shows up on WWE Raw

WWE, RAW, 49ers, George Kittle, Seth Rollins

Though he isn’t yet healthy enough to make it back on the field for the San Francisco 49ers, three-time Pro Bowler George Kittle found time to drive down to San Jose to watch some good old fashion WWE wrestling for a taping of RAW.

While some Niners fans may question Kittle’s decision to attend a wrestling show when he can’t take the field due to an aggravated groin injury, it’s nice to see All-Pro back in a Bay Area sports arena, especially while wearing a sweet HBK shirt.

A lifelong wrestling fan who appropriated his Cero Miedo (no fear) hand sign from indie darling-turned-two-time AEW champion Pentagon Jr., Kittle has attended WrestleMania, watched indie shows, and became close friends with the aforementioned luchador through their shared love of sports.

“Two years ago in New Orleans, I went to WrestleMania and I saw (Penta) wrestle like six different times at a bunch of different shows,” Kittle told reporters, according to Sports Illustrated. “His swagger in the ring, his confidence, just kind of stuck with me. Wrestling is something that I love and enjoy, too, so seeing that in the ring and how he holds himself and how he enters the ring, how he leaves the ring—everything he does has purpose and I love that.”

One day removed from Seth Rollins declaring that his beloved Chicago Bears stink, one combination wrestling/football fan who appears to be having the time of his life is Kittle, who will be back on the gridiron showing no fear before fans know it.