If there's one person Jey Uso doesn't like even a little bit, it's Sami Zayn. He doesn't like that he keeps trying to hang out with The Usos, likes his buddying up with Roman Reigns even less, and hates with every fiber of his being that the Laval, Quebec, Canada native calls himself The Honorary Uce when he has no legitimate link to the Anoa'i Wrestling Family.

Still, Jimmy has no problem with Zayn, neither does Reigns or Solo Sikoa, and even Paul Heyman, who has been around wrestling longer than The Usos were alive, has acknowledged Zayn's right to the moniker, which certainly doesn't sit well with Jey one bit.

Need proof? Well, look no further than the photo shared on Jey's Instagram story from the press conference to announce the Crown Jewel main event bout between Reigns and Logan Paul.

Going from left to right, Jey looks good, as does Heyman, as does Jimmy, as does Reigns, as does Sikoa – even if he's using the wrong hand – as does Zay… wait a minute, that isn't the face of Sami Zayn, that's a clown emoji! Why would in the sam heck would Jey do such a thing?

Is Zayn for everyone? Hardly, he's brash, extra, easily excited, and has a flair for conspiracy theories, but he's eaten enough big moves from Drew McIntyre and others to definitely prove that his loyalties to The Bloodline are pure, even when the faction is facing off against Kevin Owens. Even if Jey doesn't like him, that is undeniable.