When Paul “Triple H” Levesque tweeted out “… and we’re just getting started” after the surprising returns/re-debuts of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Io Shirai-turned-Iyo Sky, it felt like a pretty darn big deal to the WWE Universe.

After years of the talent pipeline from the indies to The Fed going decidedly one way, with dozens of performers from all over the proverbial card being released due to “budget cuts,” finally, Triple H was going to use his spot as the EVP of Global Talent Strategy and Development to bring in a few new faces and bring back a few of his former NXT standouts who were dished out poor shakes during their previous run in the company. It worked for Kai, who is now part of one of the hottest stories on RAW, worked for Tommaso Ciampa, who wasn't released but may as well have been based on how he was booked by Vince McMahon, and may ultimately work for other performers too if Levesque wants to give them a right and proper run in the promotion.

But who would be the next performer to get the Levesque rub? Folks theorized like crazy about that very question, with some hoping to see Johnny Gargano back in a WWE ring, others pining for Bray Wyatt, and others still – *raises hand* – pushing hard to see the dynamic duo of Karrion Kross and Scarlett, known as Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux, back under Triple H's booking control, as his rime wearing a gladiator costume was an absolute travesty of wrestling booking.

Fortunately, on the first episode of SmackDown following SummerSlam, Trips pulled a white rabbit out of his bag of tricks to reintroduce the professional wrestling world to Mr. and Mrs. Kross, who came down to the ring broadcast over a grey-filtered camera to place an hourglass onto the ring apron and announce their arrival onto the SmackDown roster.

Karrion Kross' return proves anything is possible in the new WWE.

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Why did folks want to see Karrion Kross return to the WWE Universe in one way or another? Was it because they liked the 37-year-old's brutish work in the ring? Or maybe because they appreciated how his win-loss record was meticulously built up in NXT by Triple H and company? Could it be because the WWE has been too averse to using in-ring managers over the past few years, and the return of Scarlett could potentially open the floodgates to more outside-the-ring valets returning to ringside?

For some, the answer is one, another, or maybe even all three, but to others, the reason Kross' return would be such a momentous occasion within the WWE Universe is because it would mark the fact that anything is possible within the WWE Universe under Triple H.

Think about it, Paul Levesque spent months building up Kross only to watch his father-in-law tear it all down and release him out into the open market for another promotion to sign him up like oh so many other performers before and after him – read Keith Lee, Swerve Scott, Ember Moon, and about 15 percent of the AEW roster. While Kross' return wouldn't be a guaranteed victory without strong booking, the prospects of bringing back the former NXT Champion, debuting him in an exciting way, and adding a little mystique to one of the company's top brands would not only show that NXT is important, borderline must-watch television for fans who want to stay in the know about the who's who of the next generation of professional wrestling, but also prove that the WWE Universe finally has a singular force shepherding all three brands along under a single, unified vision.

After watching Mr. McMahon lead the WWE based on whatever whim he was feeling at the time, with on-the-fly rewrites becoming a regular fixture of the company's weekly pre-production meetings to the point of it becoming a running joke among fans in the know, the billion dollar company was finally being run like, well, like a professional company with plans scheduled out into the future and synergy across multiple sub-divisions.

Will Karrion Kross and Scarlett's return to the WWE Universe and proper debuts on the SmackDown brand be the thing that makes the duo “lifers,” as they desperately wanted to be before they were released? Or will the intrigue die out when the “new car smell” disappears and the reality of his situation comes into focus with Kross' status as a lower-card, mid-card, or championship-caliber performer defined not only by his in-ring work and booking but by his popularity with the crowd? Fortunately, the WWE Universe will find out soon enough.