After powering through six matches filled with highs and lows, title wins, unconscious losses, and more than a few head-scratching moments, WWE closed out Night of Champions with the match of the night, having Roman Reigns, on his 1,000th day as the Universal Champion, facing off against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens alongside Solo Sikoa for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships.

Now, as with most title matches featuring “The Tribal Chief,” this was a long, grueling contest that didn't really begin until The Usos showed up in the third act, with the two sides feeling each other out as they worked towards bigger moves down the line, but when Jey and Jimmy Uso showed up, the match became really, really, really interesting, as it fully crossed the line in a way a Bloodline moment hasn't since the Royal Rumble.

Told to stay home by Paul Heyman, The Usos came out to help their family members but, in an attempt to take Sami Zayn to a Superkick Party, they accidentally sent two Jordans into the face of their younger brother and made it look like they were turning on Reigns, who only saw the aftermath of the ordeal. Back in the ring, Reigns pushed Jimmy and Jey around, accusing them of betraying him, but that didn't happen… at least until a few moments later when the former dropped his cousin with the HBK Special and followed it up with a second round of Sweet Chin Music at the behest of the crowd.

Down and out, both literally and figuratively, Regns watched on from the floor of the Jeddah Superdome as Sikoa, still dazed, took a Stunner and then a Helluva Kick for the 1-2-3, marking only his fourth loss in WWE since being called up from NXT.

What's next for The Bloodline? It's impossible to know, but it's pretty hard to imagine the group coming back together after Jimmy explicitly betrayed Reigns in front of Paul Heyman, the fans in Jeddah, and the entire WWE Universe, who was watching along from home.