You've heard of fighting champions, but how about a posing champion? Well, if you happen to be a fan WWE RAW, specifically since Theory defeated Finn Balor for the United States Championship back in April, you've fast become familiar with the term and likely have an opinion one way or another on the topic.

Since taking the W against Balor, Theory has taken part in 13 title defenses, including two on WWE television and a win over Mustafa Ali at Hell in a Cell, and frankly, that sort of unrelenting workload appears to have gotten old for the youngest United States Champion in the promotion. Factor in his impressive physique, which is important when one takes that many selfies, and the idea of taking on foes in a test of muscular viscosity is a good bit easier than having to throw down moves in the ring.

Unfortunately, Theory opted to enter a muscle competition versus the most muscular man in the WWE Universe, and his posedown main event of RAW didn't go quite as planned. No, despite his best efforts to hype up the crowd via a boy band-style microphone, Theory was out-cheered by his multi-champion foe and had to resort to a squirt bottle to the face as revenge.

Needless to say, this didn't sit too well with Theory, and he took to the ring for a one-man pose-off to callout Lashley and talk trash on John Cena, who will be on the RAW show live from Texas next week.

Unfortunately, when you call out another active wrestler on an episode of television, especially when they are in the same building, it has a tendency to backfire in a big way, as Theory soon found out. Lashley appeared in his final selfie and, after a thorough Lash(ley)-ing, was awarded a match later in the show – a 3-on-1 gauntlet – to potentially earn a title shot versus the champ at Money in the Bank.

Theory's plans didn't go so well on WWE RAW.

Theory's plan for the 3-on-1 gauntlet match was simple: Send Alpha Academy members Chad Gable and Otis to the ring to beat up on Bobby Lashley and then take to the ring for an easy win. If Gable or the former Heavy Machinery member got the win, great, but as long as they did enough damage to Lashley's health bar, Mama Theory's baby boy could parade to the ring and get the win.

Unfortunately, Lashley had other plans.

After taking care of Gable and Otis without too much issue, even if the duo took it upon themselves to attack their foe whenever possible, “The All Mighty” waited in the ring until his third and final opponent, who was predictably Theory himself, took to the ring for the final pinfall of the match. They exchanged blows, with a fresh Theory taking the upper hand, but alas, his hubris got the best of him – Lashley rolled Theory and punched his ticket to Money in the Bank without having to climb a ladder or unhook a briefcase.

Is Bobby Lashley about to win the United States Championship for the second time in his career, a full 16 years after his last run with the belt? Or will Theory weasel his way into a longer run and eventually challenge the wrestler then known as Dean Ambrose for the longest reign in the title's history? Fortunately, fans won't have to wait too much longer to find out.