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WWE’s Kevin Owens crashes the NHL Draft to surprise a high-profile fan

WWE, Bruce Boudreau, Kevin Owen, NHL Draft, RAW, Vancouver Canucks

Though he’s been notably absent from WWE‘s RAW over the past few weeks, likely in an attempt to skirt having to face-off against the Samson Brothers, Elias, Ezekiel, and Elrod, Kevin Owens still found time to get himself on television from his native country of Canada as, in a fun example of worlds colliding, the stunner-happy grappler took his talents to the NHL Draft to show support for his national pastime.

And, in a fun twist of fate, no one was more excited to see him than Bruce Boudreau, the head coach of the Vancouver Canucks and apparently, a massive fan of RAW‘s French Canadian superstar.

Huh, in a way, I guess Boudreau, too, was surprised by a serendipitous moment of worlds colliding, as who expects to meet their favorite wrestler in the middle of an NHL Network media hit during the Draft, mere moments after his squad selected Ty Young with the 144th overall pick? Boudreau rose from his seat, smiled from ear-to-ear, and even turned a bright red – a red reminiscent of Owen’s current WWE brand, RAW – before snapping a picture with his favorite wrestler to remember the moment forever.

Now granted, Owens’ willingness to surprise Boudreau does come as a bit of a surprise, as Owens is a noted fan of the Montreal Canadiens and probably doesn’t hold a particularly warm spot in his heart for Canada’s western-most hockey team but hey, they aren’t division rivals and don’t have quite the deep-seated hatred shared between fans of the Habs and, say, the Boston Bruins; why not make a man’s day on one of the most important days of the year?