When news broke that Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez would have to shed their Tag Team Championships due to an injury to the former, it left more than a few fans of the WWE Universe wondering how Paul “Triple H” Levesque would handle the situation moving forward.

Would the promotion allow Morgan to heal up, instead focusing on the tag team of Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre, who brought their NXT Women's Tag Team Championships to SmackDown for some reason? Or would Rodriguez be afforded a chance to replace Morgan with another performer like how Trish Stratus teamed up with Becky Lynch to lose the belts in the first place?

Well, as it turns out, WWE decided to book a four-way match to decide on the new belt holders, with Rodriguez teaming up with Shotzi, Damage CTRL – Bayley and IYO SKY – Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville, and Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler afforded a chance to wrestle for the vacated straps on the RAW after Night of Champions.

… yeah, it's not too hard to imagine where Triple H was going with this one.

Wrestling a match on RAW that was designed to make Rodriguez look like a star despite her ended title reign – a reign that probably would have extended a few more weeks at a minimum if Morgan didn't go down – the contest came to a close when Ronda Rousey locked up Shotzi in an arm bar and got Morgan's replacement to tap in about five seconds flat. The crowd booed, the fans in the front row gave the booking a thumbs down, and social media erupted with fans going through the seven stages of grief on the spot over having to suffer through another Rousey title reign, even if Baszler is there to soften the blow ever so slightly.

On paper, giving Rousey the belt is a smart move, as she's one of the most popular grapplers in the world, especially outside of WWE, but when it comes to actually working angles in WWE, that's a whole nother story, as her matches can be tough to watch but a breeze when compared to her out-of-ring efforts.