After watching Xavier Woods lose his debut match on RAW to Dominik Mysterio of The Judgement Day, Cathy Kelley attempted to catch up with the New Day member to ask him about the match for a WWE digital exclusive segment. Unfortunately, Woods didn't want to talk about his poor showing… before talking about it a lot.

“No, no, no Cathy, it wasn’t,” Woods declared. “It was not the best debut. I was on SmackDown with a two-year winning streak. I come to RAW and Immediately lose my match against Dominik Mysterio because Rhea Riple, because The Judgement Day, who can’t find an original name if it smacked them in the face, are out there messing with me. Oh because why? Because they’re a faction full of people, and right now, I’m by myself? But they’re gonna find out very soon that Xavier Woods by himself is a menace. I’m a force to be reckoned with. I’m one of the hardest working people in this entire company, and I don’t care how many people Judgement Day has, because I am coming for them.”

Unlike Mustafa Ali, who is in the middle of an improbable winning streak, Woods lost his first singles match on RAW during his current run and, unless Kofi Kingston and Big E are a lot closer to returning from injury, might be on his own for the foreseeable future against the faction. Still, Woods has proven over the past month that he's a formidable singles performer and, with the proper motivation, might prove to be a very effective “Judgement Day Killer” until the New Day is rocking once more.