Deep in the thralls of an absolute slugfest between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre that felt like it might go on forever, who would appear to shake up the match but Austin Theory, the current holder of the WWE Money in the Bank briefcase and the contract it holds?

Oh no, was Theory seriously going to ruin the main event? Ruin McIntyre's big shot, in front of 60,000 of his fellow countrymen?

Fortunately, a white knight appeared from the mist – aka the front row – and saved the day from a brutal Theory proposition: Tyson Fury.

Yup, you read that correctly, just as Theory was preparing to officially cash in his contract, Fury popped up from his seat and promptly punched out “A-Town's finest” before he could insert himself into the match. The crowd went wild, the fans on Twitter absolutely loved it, and even if the match didn't go McIntyre's way in the end, as the third Uso Solo Sikoa – sorry, Sami Zayn – jumped into action as well and proved to be the deciding factor in a match that really felt like it could have gone either way.

Oof, that will never get old.

While Fury's presumed preferred fighter didn't come out on top, as McIntyre ultimately ate the pin, the Heavyweight Champion still made his presence known after the final bell, congratulating the “The Chosen One” on his efforts before singing a very awkward acapella rendition of Don McLean's American Pie along with 60,000 fans. Not the ending the fans wanted, but hey, at least they can't “look back in anger,” which, coincidentally enough, is the Oasis song McIntyre chose to sing before the show went off the air.