Jasson Dominguez crushed a home run during the New York Yankees' Spring Training opener on Saturday. Yankees fans were simply excited to see the future star in New York's lineup for the game. Aaron Boone's Jason Dominguez take after the affair will fire up fans even more, per Marly Rivera.

“There's no panic up there. It's good to see him really get into one,” Boone said. “He seems like a confident kid that just likes playing the game amongst friends. There's an ease to which he goes about his business. Nice homer and hit a ball well to first base his first time up (103mph off the bat) and got down the line well. He's talented, got himself into good counts all day long; controlled the strike zone.”

Jasson Dominguez is one of the Yankees' top prospects. His MLB ETA is set for 2024 so he likely won't impact the MLB team this season. But if he continues to perform at a high level, the Yankees may have no choice but to speed up his timeline.

New York is still searching for a way to get top prospect Anthony Volpe consistent playing time. They don't have the best farm system in baseball, but the Yankees have a number of well-regarded prospects that are almost big league ready. Volpe and Dominguez represent the future of the franchise. If all goes according to plan, they will play alongside Aaron Judge for years to come.

The future is unquestionably bright for this Yankees' ball club.