Many fans know Aaron Judge as THE Home Run guy, and for good reason. The New York Yankees star set an AL record of 62 home runs last season, after all. His ability to hit the ball out of the park is near-unparalleled in this league. However, an underrated aspect of Judge is his defense. He is legitimately one of the best defensive outfielders in the game today. That was in full display during the Yankees-Los Angeles Dodgers game, when Judge made this insane but slightly dangerous catch.

It wasn't necessarily a ridiculously insane catch, but it was still a difficult catch nonetheless. Judge had positioned himself a little shallower, and he had to track and chase that ball down while making sure he doesn't go head-first into the wall. The Yankees star still ended up crashing, but he made that grab in the process.

Naturally, some Yankees fans were worried about the safety of Aaron Judge. The wall ended up opening when Judge collided with the wall. Based on how the game went, though, it seems like Judge is fine and did not suffer any major injuries.

After a mediocre start to the season (which included a stint on the IL for Judge), the Yankees have recovered and now stand at a 35-25 record. Unfortunately for them, the Rays and the Orioles still hold the first and second place in the AL East. They will need to maintain this pace in order to catch up with Baltimore, at least. Can they fully recover and regain control of the division?