The New York Yankees' reported decision to keep manager Aaron Boone has split the fan base. While some believe Boone deserves another chance–and hopefully with a better roster–several others thinks it's a bad move considering the disastrous season the team had in 2023.

While nothing is official just yet, the latest reports indicated that the Yankees aren't firing Boone, thanks in large part to Aaron Judge's endorsement and the belief around the team that the manager is part of the solution rather than the problem.

The Yankees don't have to announce anything since Boone is still under contract, but the fact that he's part of the members of the organization who will meet on Wednesday to discuss their plans for 2024 is pretty indicative of the Yankees' stance on his job status.

As mentioned, a number of fans like the decision, with many pinning the blame on the team's roster building for their lack of success.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Give him a better roster to work with. That’s all there is to it. Nobody was going to win with McKinney, Bauers, Calhoun, Franchy, Rortvedt, Donaldson, etc. Evaluate him if the roster is fixed and he fails. Until then, this is fine,” one fan commented on Andy Martinio's SNY  report.

Another supporter said, “Boone clearly wasn’t the problem this season. And if we DID fire Boone, it would be about a week into the season before people started complaining about how the new manager doesn’t get on the umps enough.”

“Fine with it, mostly because I think it means they need to make drastic on field changes to appease a lot of the fanbase,” a third commenter shared. A fourth fan has the same sentiments, emphasizing that, “He was never the problem. How about Cashman and others in the front office?”

Meanwhile, others didn't hide their dismay over the move, highlighting that Boone's poor track record as the Yankees coach should have led to his firing already.

“We're gonna suck again! But of course this isn't a surprise,” a disappointed fan shared. Another supporter had similar thoughts, saying: “So we are just going to do the same thing, with a team that continues to regress. Cool!”

A third critic said, “I've wanted Boone fired for at least 3 y[ea]rs now. A sweep in the playoffs didn't get him fired OR missing the playoffs. He's never going to get fired clearly.”

“Step 1 of running back this disaster team [check],” another one wrote.

It remains to be seen how Aaron Boone will transform the team after a season that they tallied an 82-80 record and missed the playoffs. He still has Aaron Judge at his disposal, but the slugger certainly isn't enough to take the team to the World Series.

Of course Boone shouldn't be blamed alone for the team's disappointing campaign. The whole club has its shortcomings, so the manager shouldn't be used as a scapegoat. But that doesn't mean his job is always safe. The pressure is on Boone to deliver in 2024, and if they still can't make progress, then the Yankees might have some decisions to make.

For now, whether they hate it or not, Yankees fans will have to give their manager a chance. Hopefully, though, he'll be in a good position to show his managerial skills.