Famous Atlanta rapper Young Thug had an interesting question for world-renowned swimming superstar Michael Phelps on Wednesday, and remarkably, the Olympian gave him an answer. Young Thug took to Twitter with a very curious question for the 28-time Olympic medalist, asking Phelps if he thinks he’d be able to swim to shore if dropped 100 miles into the middle of the ocean.

It’s a truly bizarre question from the popular rapper, and he may not have been expecting a reply, but less than two hours later, Phelps responded with a pretty casual take.

Phelps, never lacking any confidence, said he thinks he’d be able to swim back to shore from 100 miles out. And honestly, who are we to say he can’t? No normal human could pull off such an athletic feat, but Phelps is a freak of nature. If anyone on this planet could complete that bonkers task, it’s Phelps.

Perhaps the weirdest part of this entire exchange is that Young Thug is in prison. Fans have absolutely no idea how he tweeted this question out, or whether it’s even him behind the account.

Young Thug and fellow popular rapper Gunna were arrested back in May and slapped with RICO charges and charges of participation in criminal street gang activity in connection to the Atlanta-based YSL Bloods gang. His trial is set to start in January of 2023, and he has been denied bond. Exactly how Young Thug got access to a phone is still unclear, and why he chose to use that access to pose the question to Phelps is even less clear.

Still, hip hop and sports fans got to witness one of the most bizarre Twitter exchanges in recent memory, and we’re all better off for it.