WWE wrestlers often go through a rigorous schedule of traveling before taking their acts to the squared circle or putting in the work at the gym. But despite a demanding schedule, wrestlers still find some free time for themselves. While some wrestlers spend time at a beach or do some part-time acting, others use their free time to release some music of their own. For this piece, let’s take a look at 10 WWE wrestlers who were also musical artists.

John Cena

Arguably the GOAT of WWE, John Cena is tied for the record for most world title reigns in the WWE with 16. But while we know Cena can wrestle in the squared circle, he also showed us glimpses of his ability to throw some bars as a rapper, especially as the Doctor of Thuganomics. But off the ring, Cena released a studio album in 2005 which was headlined by The Time Is Now, a song he currently uses as his entrance music. Furthermore, Cena has also worked with other artists including The Perceptionists, Wiz Khalifa, and T-Boz.


R-Truth has been a great comedic relief as of late, especially during his run as a 24/7 champion. While we know R-Truth can make us laugh, we also know that he can sing. In fact, Truth often sings his entrance music called What’s Up before the bell rings. But outside WWE, R-Truth has released two albums of his own. In 2003, he released the studio album called Invincible. 13 years later, Truth released his second album Killingit. Just in 2021, R-Truth dropped the music video to his latest single called Legacy.


Like R-Truth, Elias has never shied away from showcasing his vocals. While he does use the guitar for the wrong reasons at times, Elias does know how to put the instrument to good use. Moreover, there have been times when Elias has performed in front of the WWE Universe. In fact, his songs were so good that Elias released an EP with WWE called Walk with Elias in 2018. His first extended play even reached as high as the 16th spot in terms of iTunes album sales. Two years later, Elias released his second EP called WWE: Universal Truth.

Mickie James

Mickie James is one of the most decorated wrestlers in WWE, having won five Women’s Championships and one Divas Championship. And while she’s making waves at Impact Wrestling, not a lot of people know that James is also a talented country singer. James has released two studio albums such as Strangers & Angels and Somebody’s Gonna Pay with at least over 11 singles released. Given that it’s currently only a side job, James isn’t doing too bad with already over 16,500 subscribers to her YouTube Channel.

Chris Jericho

When it comes to sports entertainment, not a lot of wrestlers can top Chris Jericho. Y2J has not only made life hard for several WWE wrestlers, but he also entertained the WWE Universe every time he stepped foot in the ring. But given his rock & roll personality, it’s not a surprise that Jericho performs with American rock band Fozzy. Thus far, Fozzy has released eight studio albums. But more importantly, the single Sandpaper earned a Loudwire Music Award for Cage Match Hall of Fame.

The Rock

The Rock electrified millions and millions of the WWE Universe before showcasing his talent in Hollywood. Although The Rock has showcased his vocals once in a while, he went full blast in singing the single You’re Welcome in the Disney animation film soundtrack of Moana. The single would go on to be certified 4x Platinum by the RIAA.


Every time Naomi enters the WWE ring, she never fails in letting the WWE Universe “Feel the Glow”. From her dance moves to her maneuvers in the ring, Naomi has all the tools to succeed. But while she can pull off some moves, Naomi also tried her hand at singing by releasing her debut single in 2014 called Dance All Night.

Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder was a one-hit wonder in the WWE after winning the Intercontinental Championship in a ladder match to earn his Wrestlemania moment. Unfortunately, the same can be said about his singing career. In 2012, Ryder released a single called Hoeski. The track reached as high as the 92nd spot on the iTunes chart. Moreover, the music video has reached over 281,000 views.

Lilian Garcia

A lot of wrestling fans remember Lilian Garcia as one of the most iconic ring announcers in the WWE. In fact, she even got involved in some memorable storylines. However, before becoming WWE’s ring announcer, Garcia was already a singer. In 2002, Garcia debuted her first single called Shout, which reached the 69th spot on the Billboard Hot 100. The iconic ring announcer has released a bevy of notable singing performances since then.

Jeff Hardy

Whether it’s in a tag team or as a solo wrestler, Jeff Hardy has always been an extreme highflying crowd favorite. While Hardy has proved he can be extreme in the squared circle, the Charismatic Enigma also wanted to show he has some singing chops. With an interest in music, Hardy formed a band called PeroxWhy?Gen. Thus far, they have released three albums such as Plurality of Worlds, Within the Cygnus Rift, and Precession of the Equinoxes. Recently, Hardy has released some EPs of his own including Human Forms and The Omega Sessions.