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Packers, Marquez Valdez-Scantling, Robert Tonyan

2 most overrated players on the Packers roster heading into 2021 NFL season

The Green Bay Packers have been the center of attention this offseason, and not for the right reasons. It’s still up in the air whether Aaron Rodgers plays this year, or if he gets traded to another franchise. Even so, the Packers have a decent roster that should keep them competitive, with or without their superstar quarterback.

Even so, it seems some of their players might have benefited from Rodgers being under center. If he doesn’t come back next season, there could be some holes on the roster that went unnoticed due to Rodgers’ abilities. It also makes the NFC North a wide-open race, as the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings have both made improvements.

It’s no secret the receiver group is the weakest part of the Packers’ roster. Davante Adams is a genuine superstar, but the rest of the receiver room is lacking. We could see a few guys struggle next season, with or without Rodgers playing quarterback. With that said, here are two overrated players on the Packers’ roster.

Robert Tonyan

Robert Tonyan enjoyed a breakout campaign last year as he emerged as the Packers’ top tight end. He looks to repeat his performance but could be in for a different story. He finished last season with 52 receptions, 586 yards, and 11 touchdowns. The receptions and yards may stay the same, but the fanbase shouldn’t rely on him catching double-digit touchdowns again.

Touchdowns are not typically a consistent stat for players to maintain, especially when they score so many like Tonyan did. Rodgers went to Tonyan often in the red zone, so opposing defenses will plan for that in 2021. The Packers’ tight end was the beneficiary of Rodgers playing quarterback and could have a down year with or without Rodgers under center.

If Rodgers doesn’t play, then Jordan Love will be QB1. There isn’t much information on Love, so it’ll be a gamble for Green Bay they hope pays off. With a young quarterback in the backfield, there is no telling how he’ll play. Expectations should be lowered for Robert Tonyan, as there are too many red flags surrounding him right now.

Marquez Valdez-Scantling

Marquez Valdez-Scantling ended up being the second-best receiver in Green Bay, but that was largely due to Allan Lazard missing time due to an injury. Valdez-Scantling ended 2020 with 33 receptions, 690 yards, and six touchdowns. He averaged an impressive 20.9 yards reception, which just isn’t sustainable.

He also has a dropping problem that was evident throughout last season. He only had a 52.4% catch percentage, which is his career-high. An alarming stat the front office should have acknowledged this offseason. The Packers need consistent pass-catchers, especially if Love is named the starter this year.

Green Bay should not depend on Valdez-Scantling, as he is not the most reliable receiver. There is a chance he loses his job to rookie receiver Amari Rodgers, as the Packers’ third-round pick has a ton of potential to become a future star. Any expectations the fanbase has for Valdez-Scantling should transition over to Amari Rodgers. It’s time to move onto an exciting rookie who has all of the potential in the world.