The calendar has flipped to June which means summer is right around the corner. With the weather heating up, baseball is also beginning to heat up as we are now two months into the 2023 season. Today, we are taking a look at our updated MLB Power Rankings heading into the month of June.

Some teams have remained consistent, for better or for worse, and will not see a change. Others, however, have either seen an increase or possibly a major decrease in their placements.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the updated MLB Power Rankings.

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1. Tampa Bay Rays (no change)

The Tampa Bay Rays hold an incredible 40-18 record heading into June. They simply don't appear to have any plans of slowing down. Tampa Bay has dealt with some injury concerns but they have continued to overcome adversity.

Their offense, meanwhile, is arguably the most balanced in the league. With ace Shane McClanahan leading the pitching rotation, the Rays are the best team in baseball.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (no change)

There is a legitimate argument for a number of teams behind the Dodgers to hold the No. 2 spot. After all, Los Angeles holds a narrow half-game lead over the Arizona Diamondbacks heading into June.

What the Dodgers have been able to do despite losing stars like Julio Urias and Dustin May to injury is incredible. Their pitching hasn't been as dominant in recent action, but the offense is keeping them alive. Freddie Freeman is playing at an MVP-caliber level and JD Martinez has proven to arguably be the best free agency steal.

3. Baltimore Orioles (+1)

The Orioles aren't going away. People are waiting for teams like the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays to pass them in the standings, but it isn't happening. As a result, they check in at No. 3 in our MLB Power Rankings.

Baltimore would benefit from adding a starting pitcher or two. Their rotation needs added depth and star power. Their lineup has impressed though, and this is an O's team that must be taken seriously.

4. Texas Rangers (+1)

The Rangers, despite Jacob deGrom and Corey Seager both missing time this season, are among the best teams in baseball.

Nathan Eovaldi has also proven to be a free agency steal, while the lineup is smashing the baseball. Texas may have a difficult time holding off the Houston Astros in the AL West, but they are confident and playing well right now.

5. New York Yankees (+2)

It isn't often that three teams from the same division are within the top five in MLB Power Rankings. Given the talent in the AL East this year, however, that is exactly the case.

The Yankees would lead a number of other divisions around baseball. They are slowly getting healthy as well, so it won't be long before they climb the standings even further.

6. Atlanta Braves (-3)

The Braves still hold a fairly comfortable lead in the NL East. Nevertheless, they haven't played up to their standards in recent action. Atlanta recently struggled in a series versus (spoiler alert) the worst team in baseball in the Oakland Athletics. Overall, the Braves are just 4-6 in their last 10 games.

Regardless, this is a Braves team that is still going to compete and will bounce back soon.

7. Arizona Diamondbacks (+3)

The LA Dodgers and San Diego Padres receive most headlines in the NL West. It's time the Diamondbacks begin to receive their credit as well. Arizona is just a half-game behind the Dodgers heading into June.

They have found success by utilizing a better-than-anticipated offensive approach and steady pitching staff. Does Arizona likely need to make some additions in July in order to compete for a World Series? Yes, but they are still a playoff contender with Zac Gallen leading the pitching staff.

8. Houston Astros (+5)

The defending champions are finally getting back on track. Houston has played well as of late and sit just a few games behind the Rangers in the AL West.

Jose Altuve's return from injury has energized the ball club, and they cannot be taken for granted. It wouldn't be surprising to see Houston near the very top of the MLB Power Rankings following the month of June.

9. Los Angeles Angels (+5)

The Angels are hanging around. With Shohei Ohtani likely to leave if they miss the playoffs, the Halos understand just how important this season is.

If the Angels continue to hover around .500 though, they will be forced into making an extremely difficult decision ahead of the July trade deadline. Trading Ohtani would be equivalent to waving the white flag and giving up in 2023. Keeping Ohtani, however, would mean he may leave in free agency and the Angels wouldn't receive much in return.

10. Milwaukee Brewers (-1)

The Brewers are what they are. They feature a solid pitching staff and decent, albeit unspectacular offense. Milwaukee leads a lackluster NL Central division. In fact, both central divisions have been terrible in 2023. As a result, the first entry from either central division is Milwaukee at No. 10.

The Brewers need to find consistency moving forward. That said, winning this division probably won't be too much of a challenge.

11. Toronto Blue Jays (-5)

The Blue Jays haven't played up to their expectations. Yes, they are in a loaded division, but Toronto expected to be an elite ball club in 2023.

Instead, they are just above .500. Will the Blue Jays rebound and separate themselves from the .500 mark? One would imagine that will happen, but trusting Toronto has been risky this season.

12. Seattle Mariners (+4)

The Mariners are another team that underperformed to begin the year. They are now climbing the MLB Power Rankings thanks to a recent 7-3 run over their past 10 ball games.

Julio Rodriguez has taken a step back in 2023, but the Mariners feature an intriguing starting rotation and bullpen. They could use more output from the offense, but their pitching will keep them in contention.

13. New York Mets (+4)

We are waiting for the Mets to get going, but it just isn't happening. They have had some exciting moments over the past few weeks, but right now New York is nothing more than a fringe contender.

That is quite the drop-off from when they were favored by many to win the World Series heading into the year.

14. Miami Marlins (+4)

The Marlins enter June sporting the same record as the Mets, which is truly incredible to think about given New York's lucrative offseason.

Miami's offense doesn't score many runs and Sandy Alcantara hasn't performed up to his Cy Young-caliber standards. Nevertheless, the Marlins find ways to win close games which has led to their success in 2023.

It will be interesting to see if they can maintain their current level of play throughout the season.

15. Minnesota Twins (-7)

Finally, our first AL Central entry. The Twins haven't played all that well in recent action, but they are the only AL Central ball club with a winning record. They have the same record as a few teams ahead of them in the MLB Power Rankings, but Minnesota's lowly division doesn't provide much competition.

The Twins can't be satisfied with being in first place right now. They must perform better moving forward.

16. Boston Red Sox (-5)

With our first AL Central team checking in at No. 15, our final AL East team is ranked at No. 16.

Boston holds a winning record and yet, they are in last place in what is a historically good AL East division. The Red Sox will have a tough decision in July when it comes to buying or selling. Their performance in June will ultimately determine their final decision in that regard.

17. San Francisco Giants (+7)

The Giants have quietly put together a strong run as of late. San Francisco is in third place in the NL West and could be a Wild Card contender.

San Francisco has question marks, but they are playing better than most people expected. That said, they still sit at just .500 on the season. In similar fashion to the Red Sox, June will be crucial for determining their trade deadline goals.

18. Pittsburgh Pirates (-6)

The Pirates were a tremendous story to open the season. They have labored over the past few weeks though, but remain in second place in the NL Central. Unless Pittsburgh turns things around soon, it will be another disappointing campaign for the Pirates.

With Andrew McCutchen's leadership though, perhaps the Pirates can find their footing once again in June.

19. Cincinnati Reds (+4)

The Reds are arguably the biggest surprise in the MLB Power Rankings. Cincinnati was expected to be among the worst teams in baseball in 2023. They are under .500 at the moment, but they've also gone 7-3 in their past 10 games and are trending in a positive direction.

The Reds' young core is very exciting and although the odds of them making a playoff run are slim, Cincinnati will be a team to keep tabs on as the year continues on.

20. Detroit Tigers (+2)

The Tigers are in second place in the AL Central. Detroit could compete for a division title in 2023 as their young players begin to find their footing at the MLB-level.

Trusting Detroit is difficult, and most people expect Cleveland and Minnesota to finish ahead of them in the standings. Regardless, the Tigers have some potential.

21. Philadelphia Phillies (-6)

The next four teams on this list were all expected to compete for division titles and be legitimate contenders. Since it is still fairly early in the year, that is still a possibility for each of the following four teams. But the first two months have been a disappointment for them, and that certainly includes a Phillies ball club that signed Trea Turner in the offseason and had Bryce Harper return much earlier than expected from surgery.

Philadelphia has no shortage of potential, but they need to get things going soon.

22. San Diego Padres (-2)


Franz Christian Irorita ·

The Padres are probably the biggest disappointment so far. Many people thought they would compete with the Dodgers for the NL West title in 2023.

Instead, San Diego is narrowly ahead of the last place Colorado Rockies in the division. Their star-studded roster hasn't led to promising results. The team's talent makes them impossible to count out, but the Padres are really struggling right now.

23. Cleveland Guardians (-4)

Winning the AL Central is certainly a possibility for Cleveland given the underperformance of the division. However, the Guardians must turn their offense around.

Cleveland's pitching has dealt with injuries. The pitching staff has held its own though. Offensively, this team has been abysmal. Jose Ramirez is still a reliable star, but Cleveland won't be able to truly compete with their offense playing like it has in April and May.

24. St. Louis Cardinals (+3)

Speaking of disappointment, the Cardinals are ranked No. 24 in the MLB Power Rankings. Shockingly, this is actually an improvement from our last power rankings for St. Louis.

The Cardinals are currently mired in mediocrity. Their star power should allow them to bounce back, but 2023 just hasn't been St. Louis' year up to this point.

It's difficult to count them out though.

25. Chicago Cubs (-4)

The Cubs are an interesting team. They have enjoyed some tremendous moments in 2023, but the overall results have been underwhelming. Marcus Stroman is performing well for Chicago, and he may be a trade candidate ahead of the July deadline.

Unless Chicago turns things around in June, look for them to be one of the more intriguing sellers in July.

26. Washington Nationals (-1)

The Nationals aren't the worst team in baseball. That said, they don't expect to compete anytime soon. Washington is in the middle of a rebuild and all things considered, it's going well.

Washington has tons of young talent waiting in the wings. They aren't good right now, but the future is bright.

27. Colorado Rockies (-1)

The Rockies continue their post-Nolan Arenado struggles. Ever since trading the superstar, the franchise has headed in a downward spiral. The one promising thing we can say about Colorado is they are on the verge of overtaking the Padres for fourth place in the NL West.

28. Chicago White Sox (no change)

The White Sox remain near the very bottom of the MLB Power Rankings. Chicago has seen improvements over the past few weeks, but this is a franchise still searching for answers.

29. Kansas City Royals (no change)

The Royals would be the worst team in baseball during most seasons. For now, they check in at No. 29. Their youth-filled roster hasn't found success, and Kansas City's veterans aren't playing at a high level for the most part.

30. Oakland Athletics (no change)

Finally, the Athletics are once again 30th overall. The A's have received many headlines this season. However, those headlines have revolved either around either historically bad season or their potential move (per Yahoo! Sports) to Las Vegas.