It's time for the 2023 NBA Draft and we are excited! We are here to share our NBA odds series and make a first three draft picks prediction and pick while calculating the exact order position.

Victor Wembanyama is going to the San Antonio Spurs, barring some kind of collapse, with the first overall pick. However, there are still questions as to who will go second or third. We take a look at Wembanyama first, and then the next best players.

Wembanyama comes into the NBA with numerous checkmarks on his resume. Significantly, he was a 2022 Pro A Champion as well as the Pro A MVP. Wembanyama was also the Pro A best scorer and also made the Pro A All-First team in 2023. Wembanyama is a three-time Pro A winner for best young defender. Therefore, the Spurs are excited to get him.

Scoot Henderson is a 6-foot-2 point guard who can easily step into the starting lineup on the first day. Additionally, he is the youngest player in NBA G League history. Henderson faced off against Wembanyama in 2022, so that will be an inetesting storyline to look at.

Brandon Miller is an Alabama Crimson Tide alumni and stands at 6-foot-9 inches tall. Amazingly, he won the NABC Freshman of the Year and also was the SEC player of the year. If Wembanyama was not in this draft, he might be the top pick.

Amen Thompson is a 6-foot-7 point guard that played for the Overtime Elite (OTE). Furthermore, he was an OTE champion and also made it to the All-OTE First Team by averging 16.4 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 5.9 assists per game.

Cam Whitmore is another amazing player that might go within the top three picks. Significantly, he was the McDonalds All-American award winner in 2022 and also competed in the 2022 Jordan Brand Classic.

Here are the First Draft Picks NBA Draft odds, courtesy of FanDuel. 

NBA Odds: NBA Draft Odds

A: Pick 1 Victor Wembanyama, Pick 2 Brandon Miller, Pick 3 Scoot Henderson: -600

B: Pick 1 Victor Wembanyama, Pick 2 Scoot Henderson, Pick 3 Brandon Miller: +410

C: Pick 1 Victor Wembanyama, Pick 2 Brandon Miller. Pick 3 Amen Thompson: +1800

D: Pick 1 Victor Wembanyama, Pick 2 Brandon Miller, Pick 3 Cam Whitmore: +4500

E: Pick 1 Victor Wembanyama, Pick 2 Scoot Henderson, Pick 3 Amen Thompson: +6000

F: Pick 1 Victor Wembanyama, Pick 2 Scoot Henderson, Pick 3 Cam Whitmore: +10000

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The Most Popular Exact Prediction for the First Draft Three Picks

Wembanyama is going first. Yes, we have hammered this point multiple times. Currently, the most popular pick is for Miller to go second. The reason why this is gaining steam is simply because of team needs. Ultimately, the Charlotte Hornets have control of the second pick. But the Hornets also have LaMelo Ball on their team, so drafting another point guard like Henderson would be pointless unless they plan to switch one of them to a different position.

If the Hornets shock people and take Henderson, then Miller will go third. Significantly, the Portland Trailblazers own the rights to the third pick. Miller would be a better fit with the Hornets. However, if the Hornets do not pick him, then expect the Blazers to go after him. The Blazers are in a weird stage and might rebuild. Therefore, someone like Miller could help them instantly and help them build their team from the ground up.

Wembanyama will go first. Then, it will rotate between Henderson, or Miller.

Sleeper Choices for the Exact Prediction for the First Three Draft Picks

But there is always the chance that the Hornets and Blazers can throw a wrench in those plans. Ultimately, the Hornets might pass over Henderson and pick Miller. The Blazers will then pass on Henderson and pick someone else since they already have Damien Lillard. Consequently, they might go for the next best option. Thompson and Whitmore fit that description.

Thompson is the perfect size and can play four different positions. Moreover, it can allow the Blazers to keep Lillard while adding another playmaker to their team. Thompson had good numbers in his final season, and it could be just what the Blazers want. Likewise, Whitmore also can fill a role perfectly for the Blazers. He averaged 12.5 points and 5.3 rebounds in his final season and would create a strong dynamic in the backcourt with Lillard.

Final First Three Draft Picks Prediction & Pick

Do not overthink this. Substantially, the Hornets could use a player like Miller. The Blazers also want to keep competiting, even with the roster they have. These three picks are the selections to bank on.

Final First Three Draft Picks Prediction & Pick: A: Pick 1 Victor Wembanyama, Pick 2 Brandon Miller, Pick 3 Scoot Henderson: -600