We're here to share our NBA draft odds series, and make a No. 3 Overall pick prediction, and pick while analyzing the chances.

The NBA Draft is almost here, and there are so many things to talk about, especially when it comes to the top picks. We're here to share our NBA draft odds series, and make a No. 3 Overall pick prediction, and pick while analyzing the chances.

Everyone is speculating who will take who and where every player will go in this year's NBA Draft. A lot of the talk is that this draft is one of the worst we have had in a while, but there are some talented players and some potential for finding diamonds in the rough.

We're here to analyze some players who could potentially be picked for the third spot. Some of these will be possibilities, and some will be long shots. Like any draft, you never know what can happen, but there are not many expectations heading into this year.

The Houston Rockets currently have the third pick in the draft. They could make a pick or trade back, but the expectation is that they stay for now.

Here are the NBA Odds, courtesy of FanDuel. 

NBA Odds: No.3 Overall Pick Odds

Reed Sheppard: +125

Donovan Clingan: +250

Alexandre Sarr: +900

Why Reed Sheppard Will be the No. 3 Overall Pick

Reed Sheppard is the big favorite to be drafted with the third pick by the Houston Rockets. Sheppard is the perfect option for the modern-day NBA. He thrives as a shooter, averaging 52.1% from behind the arc this past season at Kentucky. He also averaged 12.5 points, 4.1 rebounds, 4.5 assists, and 53.6% from the field overall. Sheppard is a smaller guard at 6'2″ and weighing 187 pounds. He has also been solid on defense, averaging 0.7 blocks per game and 2.5 steals per game.

Sheppard has a lot of potential in this modern game of basketball. He would be a perfect fit for Ime Udoka because he demands toughness from his players and his offense is very team-oriented. Sheppard can get his shot and is a great shooter, but he also competes and can be a great defender. His size is a concern, but with how much spacing goes on in the NBA it might not matter.

Why Donovan Clingan Will be the No. 3 Overall Pick

Donovan Clingan has been a beast down low for the two-time defending NCAA Champion UConn Huskies. He is 7'2″ and weighs 280 pounds. He also averaged 13 points, 7.4 rebounds, 1.5 assists, and 63.9% from the field. His biggest value to NBA teams comes on the defensive side where he averages 0.5 steals per game and 2.5 blocks per game. He is not a big that can stretch the floor, but he can dominate the paint on offense and defense because he has a lot of toughness.

Clingan has the tools that the Rockets and Ime Udoka would love. He is physical and tough and due to his size can be a beast on both ends of the court. The biggest issue with taking Clingan at pick no. 3 is that the Rockets have Alperen Sengun and Steve Adams down low already. Drafting him would not make much sense because it's crowded there already. However, it could be a case of him being too talented to pass up.

Why Alexandre Sarr Will Be the No. 3 Overall Pick

Alexandre Sarr is here, but he is probably not going to make it past pick one or two. That aspect is a big reason why there is a massive jump in odds from Clingan to Sarr. He has the physical tools at 7'1″ and weighs 224 pounds. His stats are not that impressive from playing internationally. He averaged 9.7 points, 4.4 rebounds, 0.9 assists, and is averaging 52% from the field. He also averages 0.5 steals and 1.5 blocks per game on defense. Sarr also learned a bit from last year's top pick and teammate Victor Wembanyama.

Sarr is most likely not going to be available when the third pick comes on the clock. However, if he is available the Rockets need to take him. He has such a high ceiling and is very athletic. He is the top prospect in the draft for a reason and would fit in well with the Rockets because of his versatility. Their front court is crowded with Sengun and Adams, but if Sarr is there he needs to be taken with how much upside he has.

Final No. 3 Overall Pick Prediction & Pick

My prediction for who gets picked at No. 3 is Reed Sheppard. He fits perfectly in the Rockets lineup. He stretches the floor and can score and shoot with the best players in the NBA from the jump. He should be an X-factor for head coach Ime Udoka in Houston and look for him to be one of the best picks in the draft based on fit.

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Final No. 3 Overall Pick Prediction & Pick: Reed Sheppard (+125)